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The award winning MetWatch software provides quick and easy interpretation of weather data for use in horticultural management decision making. Use MetWatch to interpret weather data for up to the hour information on disease risk, and for general crop management information including heat accumulation and winter chilling.

MetWatch is designed with you in mind - minimum time in the office, maximum value information.

Hourly weather data can be sourced from a wide range of weather stations giving critical disease risk information when you need it. For more information on the available weather stations available, go to our


MetWatch software can also help you to document the decision making process - helping you to meet requirements of various Integrated Production programs and EurepGAP.


  • A graphical display of weather data and disease risk that is easy to understand and interpret.
  • Import hourly weather information from a range of commercially available weather stations to give up-to-the-hour disease risk assessments and crop management information.
  • Hourly and daily weather summaries in table and graph format including heat unit accumulations, rainfall accumulations, and chill hours.
  • Flexible format that allows the user to change the number of days displayed, the canopy-drying period, leaf wetness thresholds, heat unit accumulation threshold and other options specific to each disease model.
  • Display text information such as spray diary information on the same graph displaying weather and disease information.
  • Optimized coding to achieve little or no loading time.

Weather Forecasts

A 7 day forecast is available for every weather station on the BOM network, these forecast's are updated 4 times a day.

Disease Management

HortPlus MetWatch software unleashes the power of hourly weather station data and daily weather forecast information from the Australian Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM), using sophisticated disease risk assessment models. Disease risk assessment models interpret weather data giving information on recent disease behavior as well as predicted disease risk. Different versions of HortPlus MetWatch are available for different crops:

  • Apple:
    • Black Spot (Apple scab)
    • Asco Spore (AUS Model)
  • Grape:
    • Botrytis (Bacchus)
    • Botrytis (Broome)
    • Downy Mildew
    • Powdery Mildew
  • Peach:
  • Field Crops:
    • Onion Downy Mildew
    • Potato Early and Late Blight
  • Other:
    • Generic wet weather disease

Crop Management

Crop management information is available to all users of MetWatch through the daily weather summaries including growing degree days and chill unit calculations. Growing Degree Day and Winter Chilling data provide critical information for many crop management decisions, and are excellent for making between season comparisons.

You can choose to view the table of values or graph the results where you can add additional plots for comparison. Also like most of the MetWatch features, the daily summaries include a copy button to transfer the summary data to a speadsheet or word processor for further analysis and inclusion in reports.

Importing Data

If you have your own weather data and you would like to use the MetWatch software analysis and risk assessment tools with it, you can! The MetWatch software can import data from almost any source for you to take advantage of. There is a generic weather data import feature to cater to custom formats, and dedicated import wizards for:

  • HortPlus Temperature & Humidity MicroLogger data.
  • Campbell Scientific weather stations.
  • WeatherPro weather stations.
  • TinyTag data.

Note: Please be aware that you will need the porfessional version of MetWatch if you have your own data you want to import. Also if you import a lot of weather data from other sources, we recommend the professional license so you can create the QUE file to store the data in.

Professional Version

The MetWtach software also come in a professional version, with a few additional benefits. Its generally aimed at scientists, those with their own weather station, or those that plan to use MetWatch to assist them with reports.

Disease event summary

All disease events for the specified disease occurring within the range of dates requested by the user are summarised in this report. Use the copy button facility to copy this information to word processor or spreadsheet for use in your reports.

Custom screen capture

On the main window of Metwatch, you have the ability to copy just the disease risk graph or all graphs as an image for use in reports or presentations.

Create QUE files

QUE files are the files that MetWatch uses to hold the weather data, with the professional version you have the ability to create these as you need them. This is an important feature if you import a lot of weather data or own your own weather station.

Free Demo Version

MetWatch Software

Australian Ascospore Model

Pest Phenogy Model

This model estimates Codling Moth development and predicts the optimum time to spray. The Pest Phenogy Model can also be customised for most of as well! Make sure you have the MetWatch software installed before downloading these optional modules
[Download MetWatch first]


The weather station access licence is an annual subscription. The weather station subscription "year" ends 31st of May regardless of subscription start date (no prorata).

Individual Products AU Customers ($AU) International Customers ($US)
MetWatch Software
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MetWatch Software (Professional)
$780.00 ask us
Weather Station Access
$275.00 n/a
Apple Asco Spore Module
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Pest Phenogy Model
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All prices are GST exclusive.

Payment and Shipping

Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment in full. Domestic and international orders will be shipped via NZ Post or NZ Couriers at our discretion.


Make cheques payable to HortPlus (NZ) ltd and mark 'not negotiable'. Don't worry about cheque fees.. all part of our service!

Visa/Master Card

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Returns Policy

HortPlus stands behind its products. If you are not happy, we are not happy!

If a product is defective we will either replace it or refund the purchase price at your direction.

If for any other reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase and you would like to return it for full refund within 30 days of receipt, call us first then return the software, hardware, and any accompanying materials. For a full refund to be available any hardware must be returned in the same condition in which it was shipped to you.

Note that demo units are available for most of our products so you can try before you buy. We limit refunds to unit sales, eg if you are interested in purchasing 100 data loggers buy one and try before buying the 100!
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If for any other reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase and you would like to return it for full refund within 30 days of receipt, call us first then return the software, hardware, and any accompanying materials. Please note that neither the owners of the stations nor HortPlus accept any liability for the quality of the data or possible disruptions to service.


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