Hort Air - CO2 Scrubber

By: Hort Air Services  06-Dec-2011

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For a Rapid, Simple and Safe decrease in the oxygen level in your Controlled Atmosphere room and the most cost effective high purity nitrogen for all industrial applications for Petroleum, Viticulture and general Industrial fields.

Based on the PSA principle and carbon catalyst, it produces Nitrogen which allows you to reduce the O2 content to 1-5% in your controlled Atmosphere room.

Generated Nitrogen is free from carbon dioxide and from Impurity. Compact and Mobile, mounted on a skid which allows the user to move it easily with a forklift. It can be moved from room to room and used on several sites. Easy installation which only requires a power supply.

Manufactured to client’s site requirements
– we can recommend an appropriate size to cater for your needs

A programmable automatic control allows
different cycles of regeneration and adsorption to be set for each room according to its required CO2 value

An alarm indicates immediately any default or error in handling

Single and Double tank options available

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