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By: Horse Gear  06-Dec-2011
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This is one of our most popular services is livery for horses or ponies which require to be kept in work so you can go on holiday knowing your horse is in a capable and caring environment.
Includes individual paddock, daily cover changes if required, grooming, paddock mucked out, stabling if required. Exercised as requested. We also have livery without exercise options. *   Not included are extra costs such as vet bills, farrier, and feed.
We can take horses in for injury recovery, which require a small flat paddock or stabling. This is a popular service for owners who are not able to be with their horse several times a day, or their horse requires stabling.
We will do our best to accommodate your horse’s needs, which includes handling the horse for visiting vets, feeding, grooming mucking out the stable or paddock on regular intervals.

Want to go on holiday, but you need your horses checked on by an experienced person? No problem, we are able to do this for you. We can also check on other stock and pets. This service is available on a daily basis or as needed.
We have individual stables for hire; these stables provide a safe, clean environment for your horse or pony before shows, when traveling with your horse or horses recovering with injuries. YARD HIRE
We have four new yards 4.5mtrs x 6mtrs and 1.4mtrs high.
If you are traveling with horses and need to board them overnight, we are happy to accommodate your needs. With 24 hour experienced and caring supervision.If you are going on holiday and need peace of mind that your horse will be looked after an experienced horse person this may suit your needs. We are able to offer livery, if you would like your horse exercised as well.


Dairy Flat, North Auckland, New Zealand

Lessons are available with your own horse. Either at our placed or your own.
Lessons can include general handling, floating etc. In-hand, ground sessions or lunging as well as ridden. We are no longer able to offer lessons with our school horses, due to a change in direction. However we remain busy with people bringing their own horses or ponies for lessons.Lessons are $60.00 .
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