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By: Home Style Doctor  06-Dec-2011
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FREE Agent Find

Just like a mortgage broker gets you the best deal, Agent Find does this in real estate!

From the ’sea’ of estate agents out there, Agent Find will take all the worry away for you! Agent Find will seek out a registered estate agent of the highest calibre who we know is a phenomenal sale price negotiator. Agent Find will only recommend top estate agents for you to choose from, who will ensure your home for sale stands out amongst competing properties to help achieve a top sale price, faster. All enquiries welcome.

Here’s what we actually do for you:

  • Agent Find uses six criterion to select three agents for you to choose from
  • Agent Find asks all the awkward questions that most vendors don’t know to ask
  • Agent Find negotiates and advocates on your behalf FREE real estate services, expenses and payment options.
  • Agent Find provides you with FREE real estate services that are proven to help increase property valuation (without spending any money) and sell homes for ‘higher than expected’ prices!
  • Agent Find advises you of the most expensive mistakes not to make and the risks of a private sale.
  • Agent Find advises you of the five must do’s that increase the perception of your property valuation AND help attract the highest sale price, faster.

Why put yourself through all the stress of not knowing?

All you need to do? Call 0800 789 532 to speak to an Agent Finder

FREE Real Estate Mentor

Any decisions you make from day one can impact on your property valuation and sale price. In other words, every (little or big) decision you make can make or lose you tens of thousands of dollars in both expenses and your sale price! Our supportive FREE Real Estate Mentors provide objective guidance and advice that impact on both property valuation and sale price. We are entirely focused on helping you achieve the highest possible sale price – before you find an estate agent.

If you are considering a Private Sale you should read our Blog for our advice on this.

Call us on our FREE phone 0800 789 532 – we’re here to help.

Any vendor who uses Agent Find to get an estate agent will also receive a FREE COPY of our Property Valuation Goes Up Tool Kit . You will never get a better chance at getting a premium sale price if you use our Property Valuation Goes Up Tool Kit. Find out how it’s so easy to influence your property valuation by tens of thousands of dollars without spending any money!

  • Find out the most expensive mistakes 80% of sellers make in real estate
  • Find out what estate agents find difficult to tell, you so they don’t
  • Find out just why homes for sale sit on the market or don’t sell at all
  • Find out the PROVEN mix and sequence of events that sells homes for top prices, faster! Plus MUCH MORE!

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Home Staging Consultations increase sale prices

Buyers form an opinion of your home for sale within the first 8 seconds and spend the rest of their viewing back up their first impression; be it good or bad.

Home Staging using your own furnishings, will help lift the perception of property valuation by making it "STAND OUT" in its comparable area AND price range. In one Home Staging consultation we will advise you of the unique techniques used to present each room to its greatest selling advantage just using your existing furnishings.

Taking advice from us directly impacts on your property valuation, then your sale price. Always test your home for sale out with our objective ‘buyer eyes” first, rather than with the first 20 potential buyers because you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!

We have a lot of experience which has proven to help make tens of thousands more in a sale price for numerous vendors. (This is also a FREE SERVICE if you engage an agent from us!) All enquiries welcome.

If we are not able to get to your location – don’t worry, we can still help ensure you don't lose buyers to other properties. Just send us through your digital photos and we will send you back our "home styling" recommendations to help sell your house fast and at a premium price. At a reduced price, Digital Home Styling will never get more affordable or easier than this or if you engage an estate agent from us, we’ll do this for FREE.

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Home Staging with Furniture Hire increases sale prices

The buyer’s perception of property valuation has everything to do with the sale price you end up getting. That’s why our rule of thumb is to NEVER SELL AN EMPTY PROPERTY because it can potentially lose you tens of thousands or result in your home not selling at all.

Empty homes for sale are hard to sell because buyers can’t visualise and room dimensions get very distorted. If empty homes for sale sit on the market for long periods they are often subjected to low offers from property investors wanting a ‘bargain basement deal’.

We have transformed very ordinary, sometimes tiny rooms into beautiful spaces by coordinating the installation of furniture hire to increase the perception of property valuation.

If you want a premium sale price for your home, it MUST STAND OUT in it’s area or you can end up spending more money on repeated advertising which often ends up costing more that the price of home staging in the beginning – Home Staging is all about your sale price!

Packages start from only $1200.00*

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Motion Imagery (i-Moving) to Sell

The creation of high impact on-line motion imagery of your photographs creates a definite wow factor to split second property browsers. This approach is great for potential buyers from international and remote locations allowing them an on-line viewing almost as good as being there!

Only $79.00*

*All prices exclude GST

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