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By: Home Energy Checkup  06-Dec-2011
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Unlike routine home energy audits that tell you what you already know, Home Energy Checkup's stringent audit uses high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment to uncover problems others never bother to check:

  • Whole-house air leakage test using a blower door
  • Thermal imaging or smoke test
  • Ductwork integrity test using a pressure pan
  • Electrical phantom loads test
  • Insulation R-rating check for walls, attic, and foundation
  • Water heater and water usage check
  • Gas leak test
  • Carbon monoxide and flue draft test

And only Home Energy Checkup offers the following combination of essential client care services:

  • Personalized plan for you and your home
  • BPI-certified analyst leading the audit
  • Top ten energy improvement recommendations for your home (including estimated energy savings, implementation costs, and a Web link to order services online)
  • Utility bill tracking services that help you compare savings monthly as you make recommended improvements to your home
  • Personalized account access to our Web site to chart your progress toward a more energy-efficient home

A malfunctioning HVAC system will create comfort and energy efficiency problems throughout your home. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that up to 40 percent of heated or cooled air is lost through leaky ductwork. Our ductwork sealing and renovation service provides the following solution:

  • Test supply and return airflow in problem areas with a pressure pan
  • Seal ductwork leaks with HVAC mastics
  • If air flow remains restricted after sealing, then renovate and resize ductwork
  • Retest to verify our work meets our exacting standards and yours

Unlike most home performance companies, Home Energy Checkup is certified not only to diagnose HVAC issues but also to install complete heating and cooling systems. And unlike most HVAC companies, we analyze your home as a complete system, so our process for determining the need for a new HVAC system results in lower equipment and maintenance costs, and best of all, lower monthly energy bills:

  • Test existing HVAC equipment's performance to check for other fixes first and to assess load sizing should a replacement be necessary
  • Test home for air leaks and insufficient insulation using a blower door and thermal imaging or smoke testing equipment
  • Based on test results, suggest sealing any leaks and improving insulation before discussing HVAC replacement options
  • When necessary, install a new, state-of-the-art heating and cooling system that best fits your needs
  • Retest to verify our work meets our exacting standards and yours

Our HVAC performance and installation advantages:

  • Offer both conventional and geothermal HVAC systems
  • Offer a 10-year parts and labor warranty, standard
  • Follow all local building codes and are fully licensed to install and service HVAC systems in Ohio (Lic. # 45854)
  • Performance test not only the HVAC unit but also the ductwork
  • Size all HVAC systems per the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Manual J and review recommendations with you before installation
  • Install a new, programmable thermostat, standard
  • Verify an installer's work and optimal HVAC unit performance by a second home performance expert

The heating and air conditioning brands we install:

Interested in powering your home with renewable energy? Home Energy Checkup will analyze the solar capabilities of your home and install a variety of solar technologies:

  • Solar home heating
  • Solar hot water heating
  • Solar pool and hot tub heating

Year after year, two unseen thieves may be stealing your hard-earned money: leaks in your home's shell and insufficient insulation. Fortunately, resolving these two issues provides an immediate and substantial return on investment. Typical sources of leaks include attic access points, recessed lighting fixtures (and other ceiling penetrations), windows and doors, and basement band boards.

Home Energy Checkup's solution:

  • Test home for air leaks and insufficient insulation using a blower door and thermal imaging or smoke testing equipment
  • Seal all critical air leaks
  • Properly install high-quality cellulose, foam, or fiberglass insulation in problem areas per ENERGY STAR standards and DOE recommendations
  • Retest to ensure leaks are sealed and your home remains permeable (to maintain indoor air quality)

An unconditioned crawlspace allows humidity to enter your home in the summer and heat to escape in the winter. Our professional solution:

  • Install a heavy-duty vapor barrier on the floor and permanently seal it to your foundation
  • Add a sump drain if required
  • Insulate your foundation walls to R-13 or above
  • Insulate and seal your rim and band joists
  • Meter conditioned air into the new space
  • Test to verify our work meets our exacting standards and yours

Eliminating the problems caused by old, drafty, or energy-inefficient windows and doors will save you money over the course of years, increase comfort, protect your furnishings and flooring from UV damage, and boost your home's curb appeal. To ensure the highest return on investment in replacement windows and doors, Home Energy Checkup's factory-trained technicians and installers provide this solution:

  • Test with a blower door and thermal imaging or smoke testing equipment to rule out other sources of air leakage and energy loss
  • Should the costs of replacement windows and doors be justified, install ENERGY STAR models and foam insulate around the frames to eliminate leaks
  • Retest to verify our work meets our exacting standards and yours

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