Programming Your X-Arcade Keys

By: @home Downunder  06-Dec-2011
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The X-Arcade™ was designed to be used with a variety of games, however, some games do not allow you to program the keys of the keyboard within the game itself. So, we opted to design a hardware programming chip into the unit. This means a customer has 4 different selections on the back of the product to select game key assignments for different PC games. These 4 memory banks are factory programmed with a default set of keys that you can assign to any command within your favorite game.

Currently, Mode 1 is set to emulation software settings. This default setting is preset for emulation customers who will be using the X-Arcade™ to play arcade classics on their PC. This setting is preset so all the buttons are already programmed and configured to work
perfectly with general arcade settings. As shown below: MAME Configuration (MODE 1)

Memory selection is achieved with the switch behind the X-ARCADE™.

The X-ARCADE™ can be programmed with any keyboard key you choose.

Programming Instructions.

At first, programming the X-ARCADE™ is best performed in Notepad, MS Word, or any text editor, so that you can see the results of the programming. As you become more accustomed to programming The X-ARCADE™, it will be possible to program the X-ARCADE™ "on the fly" within the game.

When the LED is on, you are in play mode. When the LED is off you are in program mode.
Remember that MODE 1 (switch closest to the serial cable) cannot be programmed.
The keyboard must be plugged into the back of the X-Arcade to program it.
To change modes, you must slide the switch on the back to desired Mode position, and then press the SAVE/LOAD button TWICE to load that mode.
Programming is for the PC only, and does not function on game consoles.

1) Start by choosing the mode you wish to program by moving the switch away from the serial cable to MODE 2, 3, or 4. Again, MODE 1 cannot be programmed.

2) Press the SAVE/LOAD button on the back of the X-Arcade™ (the LED turns off)

3) Press AND HOLD any button or direction on the X-Arcade that you wish to change

4) While still holding a button or direction from step 3, press and hold a key on your keyboard until the LED on the X-Arcade blinks. Once it blinks it has been programmed, and you can release both held buttons/keys.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 to program additional buttons/directions. (do not hit SAVE/LOAD again)

6) When you have programmed everything the way you want, press the SAVE/LOAD button on the back of the X-Arcade once more to save your settings onto the internal memory chip.

7) Enjoy classic gaming!

All the programmed buttons will be saved permanently in the X-Arcade's on board memory. If you turn off the computer, or unplug the X-ARCADE™, the programmed buttons will not be lost.

The X-ARCADE™ can be reprogrammed as many times as you like.

Keywords: Emulation Software, Serial Cable,

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