Compression Technology

By: Hoerbiger  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Valves, Compressor, Operating Conditions

In SBU Compression Technology, we are the leading developers, producers and suppliers worldwide of valves and regulations for the compressor manufacturers and see our continuous task in bringing to our customers more and more productive and efficient compressor systems through technological innovations.At HOERBIGER we are committed to assist and service customers with a broad line of products, services and support. A variety of compressor valve designs are available for a multitude of applications, such as air, gas, process, refrigeration, air brake and others, in both lube and non-lube designs, for high and low pressure, and manufactured in several materials, such as carbon steel, stainless of martensitic or austenitic and semiaustenitic grades.

HOERBIGER valves can be of plate-, ring- or poppet type configuration with sealing elements and other internal parts made out of high alloy steel, austenitic steel or high performance non-metallic materials.

The capacity control of piston compressors of medium and large sizes adapt the throughput according to demand. The various control methods also allow energy savings.

HOERBIGER offer 2 control methods:
Stepless Control
Stepless Control of Piston Compressors
The capacity of a piston compressor can be steplessly controlled with one REVERSE FLOW REGULATION SYSTEM. With these control methods the suction valve is held open over part of the compression stroke.
For applications with a small control range and constant operating conditions we use our STEPLESS REVERSE FLOW REGULATION. For applications where fast response is required, where the control range is wide or when the operating conditions such as pressures or molekular weight of the gas vary we use HydroCOM-System

Stepwise Control
Stepwise Control of Piston Compressors
For the stepwise capacity control there exists various control methods:
Switching to zero load of individual cylinders or cylinder sides of a compressor stage by holding the suction valves open.
Opening of clearance pockets via Plug-unloaders or plate valves.
The control methods differ in the size of steps in which the capacity can be changed. HOERBIGER offer for both methods finger type unloaders and plug unloaders.

HOERBIGER have arranging experience for both control methods and offer valves with unloaders and actuators, programmable logic controllers, also engineering competence.

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