By: Hills  06-Dec-2011

At Hills Holdings we believe there will always be a market for clever products and services that make people’s lives better.  Today, it’s not hard to find a Hills product solving problems in every home and in many businesses, across Australia.

From simple problems like how to dry a shirt and what to iron it on, to more complex issues such as keeping traffic lights working and picking up satellite TV signals in remote parts of our country.

With such diversity, it makes sense that our operations should span three distinct market segments, combining some 32 businesses and 3000 staff across the country.

Lifestyle and Sustainability
Electronics and Communications
Building and Industrial

Other products and services from Hills


Your Business

Energy Management & Lighting Control Crestron Energy Management and lighting systems provide seamless control of residential or commercial lighting systems and include a number of smart features such as daylight harvesting. LW Gemmell Waterless Urinals L.W. Gemmell waterless urinals function on gravity flow and use absolutely no water helping you to save water, lower sewer plant loadings and maintenance costs.


Your Home

Fielders Steel Roofing Backed by a team of experienced quality engineers and fully tested to the relevant Australian standards to meet specific project needs. Health Grab Rails Hills Healthcare Equipment stock a wide variety of grab rails including toilet, shower rails, bath, towel, economy and curtain rails.