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By: Hillcrest Physiotherapy Clinic  06-Dec-2011

If you need a type of service which we do not provide, we can refer you to specialist physiotherapists who work in these areas.


At your first treatment the physiotherapist will want to find out more about you and the condition
you are seeking treatment for. (How long have you had the condition? Exactly how did it happen?
And so on).

All the information you give is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone without
your permission, except as required by law.

The therapist will examine and feel the affected part and compare it with the normal side.
Aspects being checked will include changes like swelling and bruising, changes in posture and
range of movement, changes in muscle strength. The location of the pain will be identified;
the nature of the pain;  how it affects your ability to move and do the everyday things you
need to do at work and at home, or when you are playing sport.The therapist will explain their findings and what they think is wrong. You can ask any questions.

All the information about your condition will be recorded on a Patient Treatment Card.

Next you will be involved in setting realistic and achievable goals and developing a plan of action.
You should follow the directions of your therapist in doing any exercises, stretches etc that have
been set for you. When appropriate, you will be shown how to avoid future problems.

You have the right to decline any treatment that you do not wish to undertake. There may be other options that could be used instead.

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