EXTREME SHOW KITES - Highline Kites of Berkeley

By: Highline Kites  06-Dec-2011

Extreme or Show kites are for those days when you really want to put on a show and take “Sky Decorating” to another level. Though most extreme kites are best in the hands of intermediate to advanced kite fliers, there are exceptions. Adding a dozen of our amazing Transition Tail to a simple family kite like our 6.5' Family Delta could be considered and extreme show in, but it is a show that even a novice can handle. If you need personal help with your kite of any style, please visit our .

Friday Evenings are FREE lesson nights in the park: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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SINGLE LINE KITES - Highline Kites of Berkeley

Traditional or Single-Line Kites have come a long way since the days of Charlie Brown always getting his kite stuck in a tree. Originating in Asia about 3000 years ago, one-liners have a rich history that spans most cultures of the globe. With today’s quality kites, the days of the n eve r being able to fly your kite are history. You have come a long way Charlie Brown,” and so too have modern kites.