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By: Herdword Horse Psychology And Behaviour  06-Dec-2011
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The recommendations made on this site are voluntary. They are products that The Equine Perspective Ltd. has used in conjunction with training or rehabilitation procedures. These are products that the company considers add to the comfort or health of the horse and harmonise with his needs, naturally. The company does not profit from the recommendations made respecting these products. Any links to additional sites, are only made in connection with services fully approved by the Equine Perspective Ltd.and are not made for any financial gain.


The Bee Kind leather preserver is the very best leather preserver I have personally ever used.

We had new leather saddles imported and treated them from the start with the Bee Kind product. Being 100% natural, it is very pleasant to use.

The bonus is that it really does prevent mildew.

The company Ecochi offer discounts on multiple orders.

DAVID HANKIN - FARRIERDavid Hankin is a specialised farrier who trained extensively in the U.K. He has gradually raised the bar on the standards of farrier work in New Zealand and is passionate about his cause. He operates a very efficient business that extends well beyond the work of shoeing and corrective work and although his enterprise is south island based, he is well informed with respect to the skills of farriers the length and breadth of the north island too. This means if you have serious problems with your horses feet, David can recommend the best person to help your horse through to recovery, regardless of your location.David also supplies a range of highly effective hoof care products as well as educational books and charts aimed to improve the knowledge and understanding of all horse-owners. These help to remove the mystery associated with farrier work and assist horse-owners to better monitor the general condition and balance of their horse’s feet. David can be contacted via his website: and can be relied on to follow up all enquiries.


Jane personally recommends Ifor Williams horseboxes as totally reliable vehicles for transporting horses.

Having used these horseboxes in the UK since 1980 Jane has found them to be nothing but horse-friendly and safe. HB505 Double HorseboxPictured at right, this box is designed with horse safety and comfort in mind. This model is ideal for transporting two medium horses side-by-side. HB510 Double Horsebox
Similar in style to the HB505, the HB510 offers a more spacious alternative for larger horses or those simply wishing to have extra room. Longer, wider and taller, the stalls are generous and inviting to your horse. Add to this the benefit of a wider front ramp and the total extra space makes loading and unloading easier and safer for both horse and owner.


Trials of the Red Snap'r Solar Power fencer began in 1999 with our first hot-wire subdivisions. Since then we have greatly extended our fences and have a total of four LIS 10 units located at various parts of the farm. One fence unit will power five kilometres of fence-wire. Within the four years of use, only one battery has had to be replaced, and this brand of fence unit has been more reliable than anything we have experienced anywhere else worldwide. The Artex company who distribute the product in New Zealand, have also proven to offer a very personal service.

For more information call 06 858 8011 or visit .

Pegasus Powder is a totally natural dry treatment powder for wounds. It has tissue healing, as well antibacterial properties. Pegasus Powder can also be used internally by dispensing in the feed to support its external function.

It is imported from South America by Lakeview Lodge, Tirau, New Zealand. Phone 07 883 1640.

Trial period 5 months

Composition :
Omega -3 EFA 60%
Omega -6 EFA 15%
Omega -9 18%
Also rich in Vitamins E & A

A number of horses of varying ages and conditions were introduced to this supplement. No other changes were made to the diet during the trial period for this oil. Over a period of time, which varied from horse to horse, the following results have become evident:

1: Improvement in coat condition.
2: Improvement in hoof condition.
3: Vast improvement in muscle tone.
4: The quantity of hard and supplementary forage reduced by approximately 1/3 [winter season]
5: Increased energy levels
6: Old hard scar tissue on very old horse now supple
7: A display of general feeling of wellbeing, displayed by increased energy levels.

Functional Whole Foods NZ Ltd can be contacted by
Phone: 03 693 0034
Fax: 03 693 0035

One of New Zealand’s Premiere Equestrian Centres, located in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges, on the edge of Palmerston North City.



The home of traditional pure wool hand felted Saddle Blankets designed to enhance the well being and comfort of your horse. Recommended by vets and horse therapists for horses with back problems.

Our hand-made felt differs from commonly used needle felt. Hand made wool felt is actually matted wool produced by using hot water, soap and friction, is virtually indestructible and with proper care will last many years.

These blankets will take on the shape of your horse's back making it a "custom fit" eliminating friction by distributing weight evenly and alleviating any pressure points making it the most comfortable blanket for your horse.

Waione Woollies Ltd. can be contacted by
Phone: 06 376 6464
Fax : 06 376 6463

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