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Brands - tyres

It all started in 1888, when a small boy struggled to ride a tricycle with solid rubber wheels. John Boyd Dunlop grew tired of watching his son struggle with the cumbersome tires and patented his own design — marking the birth of what we now know as today’s modern-day tire, Dunlop. The legend grew by leaps and bounds — and RPMs. What started as a tricycle tire grew to become a racing radial for 200 mph motorsport vehicles, way ahead of the times. The Dunlop name became as popular in racing circles as that notorious c

heckered flag.

Today Dunlop are, thriving on that motorsports heritage. Blending the latest technology with OE experience. Taking everything we learn on the race tracks and incorporating it into tires for the most discerning drivers.

Pirelli Tyre is the world's fifth largest operator in terms of turnover on the tyre market,with levels ofprofitability among the highest inthe sector. In 2008,theactivities today under the aegis of Pirelli Tyre generated revenues of around 4.1 billion Euros.

Drawing on its technological expertise, the group has consolidated working relationships with the world's leading car and motorcycle manufacturers; partnerships that have translated into a number of homologations for models from all the leading automotive firms.

Made to the most exacting standards and specifications using the highest quality materials:
Polyester construction
High tech rubber compound
Modern tread design
Two steel belt construction

The SUPERCAT features an exclusive new tread pattern that has been extensively tested in Europe, and optimised to ensure very low noise and balance between handling and ride comfort.

The advanced tyre compound provides outstanding grip during braking, steering and acceleration, regardless of wet or dry conditions. Its construction significantly enhances grip in the wet and improves steering responsiveness.

Even wear across its tread enhances the vehicle stability, offering outstanding overall handling and a high level of wear resistance ensuring a safe and very economical driving experience.

To make the SUPERCAT experience available to as many Australians as possible, it is made in a wide range of sizes to fit many local and imported cars

Originally imported, the Goodyear brands local tyre production started in 1949 with a manufacturing agreement with Dunlop to produce Goodyear brand tyres in their new Upper Hutt plant. That production agreement continued through to April 1987 when a closer relationship between the two companies was entered into with the formation of the Joint Venture company South Pacific Tyres NZ Limited with 50/50 ownership by Pacific Dunlop of Australia and The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co Ltd of USA. Goodyear then took full ownership in January 2006.

Goodyear has continued to develop its distribution channels since the formation of the Joint Venture and now markets a full range of Goodyear brand tyres in New Zealand as well as exporting worldwide.

The product range for New Zealand motorists is comprehensive and since the closure of the Upper Hutt plant in December 2006 product is sourced from South Pacific Tyres plants in Australia along with high technology product imported from Goodyear plants worldwide.

Goodyear Tyres are sold through the national chain of Goodyear Auto Service Centres or other Authorised Dealers
located conveniently throughout the country.

The Michelin journey of discovery began in 1891 when Andre and Edouard Michelin developed the first detachable bicycle tyre. Taking only minutes to repair, the tyre carried cyclist Charles Terront to victory in the now famous Paris to Brest race. The Michelin brothers, however, began a journey that took them much further than the finish line. Their innovation revolutionised the world transport industry.

Nearly one in four ADAC members would choose Continental tyres, according to the latest 'Tyre Monitor 2009' survey carried out among 4,000 ADAC members. Continental was also the best known tyre brand, taking first place. The corporation's Uniroyal and Semperit brands also achieved good rankings among the best known tyre brands in Germany.

With sales exceeding i24 billion in 2008, the Continental Corporation is one of the top automotive suppliers worldwide.
As a supplier of tyres, brake systems, systems and components for the powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and technical elastomers, the corporation contributes towards enhanced driving safety and protection of the global climate. Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communication. The corporation currently employs approximately 133,000 staff at nearly 190 locations in 35 countries.

Continental is Europe's market leader for car tyres. In the Original Equipment sector, over 30% of all new European cars leave the factory on Continental tyres. The Tyre Divisions are an Official Sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM.

Synonymous with Formula One and renowned by drivers all around the world, Bridgestone is the mark of a truly outstanding tyre. This quality is reflected in the range of excellent car tyres, 4x4 tyres, van tyres and commercial tyres available here in New Zealand. Comfort, performance, durability… whatever you’re looking for, Bridgestone tyres are the ultimate compliment to your driving experience.

The company has a history of innovation. As B.F. Goodrich, the company became one of the largest tire and rubber manufacturers in the world, helped in part by the 1986 merger with Uniroyal (formerly the United States Rubber Company). This product line was sold to Michelin in 1988, and the company merged with Rohr (1997), Coltec Industries, and TRW Aeronautical Systems (formerly Lucas Aerospace) in 2002. The sale of the specialty chemicals division and subsequent change to the current name completed the transformation. In 2006, company sales were $5.8 billion dollars, of which 18%, 16% and 12% of total revenues were accounted for by the U.S. government, Airbus and Boeing, respectively.

High Performance series utilizes Kumho's race proven technology to meet the challenge. The high performance directional tread designs coupled with high performance tread compounding. A quiet ride, handling, wet traction and long mileage, making them a great high performance value.

Brands - wheels

Mak was created in 1990, but it is a relatively "old" company as it started as a joint-venture made by two families working in the automotive field since a few decades: the Magri family, one of the leaders in the field of tyre distribution in Italy, and Cervati, a family owning foundries since the '30s, a leader in the casting of aluminium parts.Thanks to the technological know-how on one side, and to the deep knowledge of the market on the other,

The project of production and distribution of light alloy wheels started very rapidly, assessing the position of MAK in a very short time.The success of Mak wheels was based on a correct strategic planning, keeping into consideration two fundamental advantages: flexibility and styling.

TSW makes the largest range of staggered one piece alloy wheels in the world. THEY strive to offer the perfect wheel fit for your vehicle. No matter how beautiful there alloy wheels may be, they feel it is imperative that they fit correctly on your vehicle. To add to there large range of staggered applications they offer a broad range of styles and finishes, including black wheels, hyper silver wheels, machine cut wheels and chrome wheels. Our sizes range from fifteen inch wheels through staggered
twenty two inch wheel applications.

ROH Wheels Australia is Australia's leading aftermarket wheel manufacturer. Through innovative designs, world-class manufacturing techniques and unrivalled quality, ROH Wheels Australia exports to Germany, Japan, New Zealand and the USA. The manufacturing facility incorporates the most advanced techniques available, ensuring that we achieve and maintain engineering excellence. ROH wheels are subjected to the most stringent testing regimes necessary, to comply with the demanding specifications set by various testing authorities worldwide including Australian Standards.

ROH designers strive to create new wheel styles in the constantly changing automotive fashion scene. We have a large range of alloy wheel styles and fitments for a range of vehicles in both the Australian and International markets. The product range also includes steel wheels for trailers and caravans, white and chrome steel wheels for 4WD passenger and commercial vehicles and a range of products including steel and alloy truck rims for the heavy-duty truck market.

Cragar wheels are known for their speed, performance, good times, and adventures. Cragar wheels are race inspired wheels. They were founded in 1930 by Crane Gartz and Harlen Fengler. In 1964, Cragar S/S Super Sport Wheels were introduced and they quickly earned an outstanding position in the wheel manufacturing industry. They are some of the most popular and most successful custom-made wheels ever to be manufactured, and have been in continuous production for the last 41 years. They are built by combining in wire, aluminum, and chrome. There are about ten million vehicles that are equipped with Cragar wheels in today's market including the street rods, dragsters, pickups, and off-road vehicles.
Cragar wheels are all manufactured in the United States only and are made to specific standards. They can be purchased only through authorized dealers, and not directly from the manufacturers. The different kinds of Cragar wheels to be made are: Cragar S/S Super Sport, 390 Cragar Street Pro, Keystone Classic Wheels, Star Wire, and Super Supreme.

A mild wheel cleaner must be utilized when cleaning Cragar wheels. These cleaners are available with dealers. If the wheel is exposed to harsh elements like road salt, it is necessary to clean them right away. The wheels must also be polished regularly with mild polish to keep them looking new. These polishes are also manufactured by Crager. It is important to keep Cragar wheels clean to keep them functioning for longer periods of time.

American Racing roots go back more than 50 years, and continue to reinvent themselves and, quite literally, the wheel. Today’s American Racing still prides themselves on the mission that began when drag racing innovator Romeo Palamides teamed up with J.O. Ellison, a San Francisco machine shop owner, to design and craft high strength-to-weight ratio racing wheels for his dragster. Palamides and Ellison, along with engineering innovator Tom Griffith formed the pioneering company in aftermarket wheels. From the golden age of hot rodding to today’s street enthusiast, American Racing is reinventing the way wheels are viewed from our classics to new trend-setting styles.

Weld racing is not trying to reinvent the wheel, just perfect it. Race wheels are the ultimate compromise between weight and strength. Weight, or more accurately “lack of weight”, should be a consideration of virtually every component on a well engineered race car. Simply put, lighter wheels will have a positive impact on all facets of performance, acceleration, deceleration, braking, cornering, etc.

To truly understand the impact of less weight, Weld Racing looks beyond static weight, or what can be measured with a postal scale. RMOI, or Rotational Moment of Inertia, is a quantifiable physics concept you won’t find in most wheel catalogs, but at Weld Racing you will find it everywhere. Many racers know this concept as the “flywheel effect”. In their simplest form, wheels are, well, pretty simple. Really good racing wheels are a complex set of calculations and engineering principles that are unavoidable and not all wheel manufacturers have the same objectives. At Weld Racing, our objective is to have the fastest, strongest, truest and most durable wheel for the intended application at the lightest practical weight. More often than not we are the lightest on the scale while still meeting our other objectives. On some occasions, we may be a little heavier on the postal scale to meet all of our objectives, but rest assured our goal is to win the RMOI race with each wheel we design and manufacture.

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Keywords: Racing, Tyres, Wheels