Helix Computer Services Ltd

By: Helix Computers  06-Dec-2011


We supply IT support services to our customers all around New Zealand, for more info hit the links:

    Business and personal computer customer enquiries welcome!


    Leading brands of hardware such as HP, IBM, Cisco, Toshiba, Lenovo, Philips are available at competitive prices. Servers, desktops, laptops, networking equipment, and custom built computers are made from quality components.

    Software from Microsoft via many license model including OEM, Retail, SPLA, Open and Open value Licensing. We are able to source a huge variety of software from all the major vendors.

    We strongly support the use of Open source and Linux software and can provide consulting services in this market.

    Need Internet, broadband, wireless, Cisco and other high end network sales and consulting? Let us quote, supply and support your network. We are a Cisco Registered Partner.

    We can repair and upgrade your existing computer equipment, work with vendors to maximise your warranty and ensure that quality, branded spare parts are used. If it’s out of warranty or beyond repair let us quote for a replacement unit.

    If you are ready to expand your online presence, we are able to design you a modern, clean website and host it on our reliable servers. We offer a quick service and very reasonable rates.

    We offer our clients a 24hour/7 day telephone support line. Tailor your support contract to suit your needs and call our 0800 number to speak directly to a technician. No answer service here!

    Thinking that you don’t want to own and support a huge IT infrastructure? We can host your applications on our server and rent you the software you need. Redundant servers in a virtualised environment so you just buy hardware and software as you need it. Ideal for small business on the move.

    Now you have all the devices you need, let us supply original vendor brand consumables. Overnight courier to you or rapid if you need to get that urgent document out.

    Does your organisation need an audit of your systems and security? We can provide an independent report and peer review for you.

    The recent natural disasters have highlighted to many the importance of a disaster recover or business continuance plan. You have to have one and test it regularly or it’s a waste of time. We provide direction, planning, testing and a place to set up in should your premises be unavailable.

    The latest antipiracy laws put you at risk of being liable for the actions of your staff. Monitor network usage and prevent unauthorised activity with our set of security and monitoring appliances. Monitor your systems for outages and get notifications alerts.