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By: Heike Miller  06-Dec-2011
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Are you a coach, speaker or Internet marketer?

Are you a coach, consultant, speaker or internet marketer? Then talk to us for your web presence!

If you are an online marketer, online shop, a business/life/health etc. coach, a consultant or trainer, we are the specialists you need because we look at your web presence holistically, we plan your entire online marketing campaign and incorporate  your website into the plan!

Many web design companies design beautiful websites for your business and these brochure websites are perfect for many trades people, small businesses with a strong local focus, larger firms and shops that want to simply tell people where they are and what they do.

For coaches, consultants and Internet marketers things are different. You often work from a small office, or even your home office, and need to “try harder” to get the trust and loyalty of your website visitors. You don’t have the big office or shop front that helps you convey your brand and build the brand you want to be known for.

You need to convince people looking for your services that you are the one they should contact. This involves gaining an expert status in your niche, getting prospective clients to engage with you, and tempting them with your unique services. Boring “subscribe to our newsletter” phrases won’t do it anymore nor does “subscribe to our sales promotions”. People who find you online don’t want to be sold to, they want your advice and they want it for free.

This can be a dilemma, but it also can be a wonderful chance for you to get loyal clients and make good money.

You need to be more “switched on” than the usual small business and employ a proper marketing funnel to lead your website visitors from freebie seekers to paying clients. There is a journey that needs to be planned out properly. And we can help you with this.

  • A website helps you with your self promotion and branding efforts
  • A website helps you to acquire business leads or customer
  • A website is your hub to build your Social Media connections
  • A website helps your business to be found online
  • A website can house your content
  • A website helps you with professional blogging
  • A website can help you sell products
  • A website can also be part of your entertainment and hobby
  • A website can be used for Audio and Video publishing
  • A website gives you a professioanl appearance
  • A website can even be your C.V.

There are many reasons to get a website, the main reason is to make money to live the lifestyle you crave. 

Be careful with expensive webdesigners who don't know marketing

PA Excellence Ltd doesn’t consider itself as a design company, we are more a web marketing company with the emphasis on marketing. We produce websites that are attractive and have all the elements of a good marketing tool with the aim of conversion. We specialize in WordPress websites for online marketers, coaches, consultants that want to sell services or products online. This is a different ball game than having a brochure website you would normally have for a business that needs a web presence only for information purposes. Our emphasis is on engaging web visitors to know, like and trust you online.

Do you remember those earlier websites with moving objects, blinking little pink horses and weird neon colors?

Just as the Eighties offered us many bad hair do’s, leggings and Boy George-type make-up, there are still many websites around that still remind us of those crazy times! Sadly, many outdated webdesign courses are still being offered and aspiring webdesigners enrol in them and consequently create the oldfashioned type websites for clients who then have to feel embarrassed and don’t achieve what they want to achieve with their web presence.

Many small business owners worry about needing to update the look and feel of their website every few years because technology and style are moving fast, as we all know, and new functions are introduced all the time. We use WordPress as content management system (CMS), which is the most popular system in the world. The wonderful thing about WordPress is that all your content, texts, pictures, information STAYS put when you want to update colours, add pages, change the style and layout.

To update and “modernize” your website it needs only a few minutes! If you have a traditional website, done by most local webdesigners, this is not that simple. Changes need lots of time and sometimes adding pages and other functions may not even be possible without a complete redesign that costs the same amount that you initially paid – and this is usually thousands of dollars.

All this trouble can be avoided by choosing WordPress. WordPress can be customized how you want it, has the greatest functions and it indexes extremely quickly, which means your website will rise in the search engines RAPIDLY. All the websites we have designed have shown up in top positions for their keywords super fast. This is one of WordPress’ main pluses.

  1. Please see an example of a recent website upgrade. The website’s purpose is to attract people with medical conditions that cause hairloss or people who love to have fun with differeing hairstyles. We use a special “carousel” that showcases over 60 wig styles and is an instant attention grabber, making people become interested to stay on the website for longer.

Above on the left you see two different views of the carousel that promotes different wigs. The carousel starts rotating as soon as someone comes onto the website and can be stopped or rotated to the right or left.

2. We offer clients the option to feature opt-in boxes for their newsletters, free reports or “pink spoons” on the website, like you see underneath:

or as a pop up, like this one here underneath, that pops up as soon as a website visitors comes to your site or whenever you wish they receive the information as it is fully customizable:

See an example of the cream note and the blue “note” on the left sides of the websites underneath (there are many different colors and layouts available to match the website):

These are just a few examples of the benefits of using our company for your website development. It is unlikely that you will receive these tools from any other web designer without paying big fees. Many local web designers also don’t know about the existence of these tools and either charge you horrid amounts for developing them themselves or don’t even offer tools like that, so you miss out on business opportunities.

Please note these features are only available to clients who use our monthly hosting and maintenance package.

I use themes who truly are the easiest to use and can be customized into a versatile website. Please note that if you are not at all familiar with updating websites or WordPress and don’t have access to a WordPress-savvy Virtual Assistant, it may be best to make use of our monthly hosting and maintenance/update package.

This PACKAGE includes a PREMIUM WordPress Builder theme with all basic functions and basic customization. A blog or WordPress website can be used as a web site with the advantage of having interactive communications with your prospects and excellent search engine ranking results. Static HTML websites are a thing of the past, WordPress blog websites are the best option for your online presence in our modern world!

Please note: if you are not familiar with the web and don’t understand exactly what the package underneath includes, don’t worry. I am offering you a fully completed website, as agreed on in the contract, so you can be sure that everything is in order and you know what you are getting. Depending on workload and your requirements you may have your fully functioning website in a few days time!

  • After discussion with you I secure an appropriate domain name for and arrange hosting. I choose to use Bluehost.com because it’s been voted as the best hosting company in the world.
  • I install WordPress on your domain to get the website running
  • I install an attractive and easy to use premium WordPress blog theme called Ithemes Builder (value of $120)
  • I will customize the theme after consultation with you (background color, header graphic or logo, photos, backgrounds, graphics) (three changes to the main color schemes and graphics are included in the package. Any other changes will be charged at $50 per hour)
  • I add side bars, footer, menu, depending on your goals and what you would like to achieve with the website
  • I will include one blog/news page, home page, and other pages, depending on the package you purchase
  • I install up to 10 “plug ins” to make life easier for you and to spread the word about your website content quickly (if you don’t know what plug ins are, don’t worry, they are responsible for many automatic processes within your websites and help to get the most out of your online presence). They are supersmart and you won’t even know you have them.
  • Depending on your package, I set up a feedburner account and install it on your blog so your website visitors can subscribe to your new posts and updates
  • I include a subscription opt-in box for your ezine or free report (you need to supply the code), if you would like to send out a newsletter (depending on the package you choose)
  • I upload your content (you have to supply text as only you know your business)
  • If you want me to write your content, please check out the package that includes this service
  • You will receive a Guide to update your pages and posts yourself , but not the layout or any other customization. If you wish to have those changes done, I offer them at $50 per hour. I get a lot done in one hour.
  • Additional training in the updating and maintenance of your website (eg. layouts, Stylemanager, plugins, etc.) can be purchased at $50 per hour plus travel costs, but is not necessary for you if you do not wish to change the website significantly

If you are after some more information on WordPress blog websites,

If you are after a salespage, a customized Facebook fan or business page or a squeezepage or anything else, please send me a message and we will talk about it and I can give you a quote.

Underneath you find a table listing the 3 different website packages available

Services included in Package BASIC PACKAGE: Normal website for small businesses that need an attractive webpresence ECOMMERCE PACKAGE, including a shop plugin. You will be able to enter products to the shop yourself after the initial set-up.
Guaranteed 2 week set up time with up to 3 rounds of content and customization changes yes yes yes
Domain name and Website set up on host (hosting is an additional monthly cost for the client) yes yes yes
Wordpress installation yes yes yes
Design consultation about what works, what is effective for optimal marketing yes yes yes
Wordpress training guide to update your pages and posts. The training guide does not included changes to layout, display galleries, colours, etc. yes yes yes
SEO plug in inserted and keywords entered and submission to the major search engines Google and Yahoo no yes yes
Colour customization of the theme. Themes used are Builder child themes from Ithemes. yes yes yes
Custom Favicon in the browser yes yes yes
Header graphic designed with logo included yes yes yes
Content given by client updloaded yes yes yes
Social Media Integration, e.g. Facebook fan page batch, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn icons with link to profiles included no yes yes
Blog enabled and with share-plugins, e.g. posts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, etc. yes yes yes
Up to 10 plugins (Akismet, SEO, Contact form, Rotating Images, Billboard, etc.) for maximum functionality and attractive image rotation and displays yes yes yes
Shoppingcart set up (shoppingcart membership to be paid by client) no yes yes
Paypal set up (client to supply their Paypal information) no yes yes
Wordress Shop or Shoppe plugin set up with photos of items, description, pay button, cart and check out no no yes
no yes yes
Help with content and copywriting no yes yes
Start up with five blog posts in your field of business no yes yes
Wishlist membership software no no no
no yes yes
Sales buttons and sales graphics no yes yes
Up to 10 xs sized images from istockphoto no yes yes
Videos and audios inserted (client to supply videos and audios) no yes yes
Price $699 $899 $1099

Many people are busy with doing what they do best: working on their business, selling services or products, making money. These business owners don’t want to waste time (and consequently money) trying to learn how to update their website and are keen that someone does the changes for them quickly and painlessly, so that the website content is always up-to-date.

PA Excellence Ltd. offers this service for the websites we have developed for you and includes it into a Website Hosting and Maintenance Package.

Hosting Features Description
Storage A generous 2GB, enough to store tons of images, MP3s and more
Website visitor tracking reports In this package we include Google Analytics website visitor tracking, which tells you where visitors go, how long they stay on your website, how many leave straight away, which pages they frequent most, which banners or special offers attract most interest, from which country they are, etc.
Our location We are located in Cambridge/New Zealand and are "real people", not a teleservice overseas in India
Updates and changes Changes and updates of up to 2 hours per month are included in this package. This includes posting blog posts, updates to contact details, page content and design.
Additional updates and changes after the 2 hours per months have been used up Will be charged at $50 per hour and include design and updates, whatever you need done. We track the time with a tracking system.
Additional blogging services If you need more than the included 2 hours of maintenance and want to post a large number of blog/news posts and items and want copywriting services for these posts, we offer blog posting and blog writing at $40 per hour. This doesn't include graphic work, updates to content or layout of the website. It only includes blog posts.
Charge of the basic package $30 per month, payable annually at $360

We also offer blog posting services at $40 per hour (please see table above). We recommend at least one blog post per week to have an impact on the traffic ranking of your website. Simply send us the text for the blog post (up to 500 words) and we will post it for you. We can also post bulk entries and date them for the dates you want them published.

We track time in Freshbooks and if we only spend, for example, 14 min on blog posting or website updates, this will be worked out a rate for these 14 minutes only, you don’t need to use up full hours.

Basic Package WordPress Website (see table above for information)

Premium Package WordPress Website (see table above for more informaiton)

Ecommerce Package WordPress Website (see table above for information)

Website Hosting and Maintenance Services for 1 year (see table above for more details)

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Marketing, Online Marketing

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