HEET use recycled fibres and plastics to insulate your home

By: Heet  06-Dec-2011
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From hollow fibre polyester ceiling blanket with a high 'R' value to new  R1.4 compressed slabs for the underfloor made from recycled fibre and plastics, your home can be insulated quickly, easily and effectively.

If you have had insulation in your ceiling which has been there for 20 years, it may in fact need replacing. Today's products are designed to last longer - in fact up to 50 years for some products!

And to make it all easier here are the latest application forms.  We invite you to download, complete and send an application form back to us.

As a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation we are also able to provide a competitive home insulation service for families that may not qualify for a fully subsidised service.  We do this because we simply believe that every home should be insulated - it makes for healthier and therefore happier families!

The experts at HEET are ready now to answer your questions.

Because we care about the environment as much as we care about making your home warmer and drier, we use some environmentally friendly insulation products. No more scratchy itchy fibreglass! Our job is to

  • change your cold house into a warm, dry, quiet, healthy and more energy-efficient home
  • Our products are made from safe and friendly polyester - just like the pillow and duvet on your bed
  • Contains a minimum of 30% already recycled materials, so not only good for your home but good for the environment
  • Made to last. The ceiling insulation won't slump, settle or disintegrate over time and comes backed by a 50-year warranty
  • Proudly made in New Zealand
  • Keywords: Home Insulation, Insulation, Insulation Service, Recycled Fibre

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    Either ceiling and or under floor insulation must be installed in each house with other measures available such as hot water cylinder wrap, lagging, moisture barrier and draught stops on doors. Are you willing to benefit from a 60% subsidy that the NZ Government is offering so that these rental properties can be better insulated.


    HEET is the leading Home insulation in the Waikato

    Our team of fully-trained installers will make the required improvements to your home, and you will come home to a drier, warmer and healthier home. It is a Government-funded initiative and the scheme is managed by EECA with the support of a range of service providers such as HEET. Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart provides a package of insulation and heating improvements for more families than ever before.


    The places we insulate

    We can also work out the most crucial items you need now, and some things that you could have installed later. Install insulation in the roof cavity to reduce the amount of heat loss. Now that's a lot of insulation, which means a lot of heat loss STOPPED. When we make a house warmer and drier - we do the whole lot. Install cylinder wraps to reduce hot water costs.


    The benefits of HEET in your community

    The cumulative kWhs saved through the installation of energy efficiency measures effectively displaces electrical generation required nationally and equates to a savings of 38,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions. We have documented significant health improvements for occupants with chronic respiratory illness after a energy efficiency retrofit has been carried out.


    WEL Energy Trust

    If you would like to apply, simply give us a call 0800 433 844 and we'll get things moving so you can live in a warmer, drier home with good insulation. WEL Energy Trust and HEET are committed to assisting more families in the WEL Networks area. You must hold a current Community Services Card.