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By: Heartlight  06-Dec-2011
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Heartlights services are all about healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.

See below for the various channelled energy healing options, including distance healing.

Channelled Energy Healing:

During my journey of about 20 years, I have been mostly spirit taught, although I do hold certificates from the National Federation Of Spiritual Healers. I now work as a channel, with no input from myself anymore. Previously we had achieved some great results on physical, mental and emotional levels. With the purer vibrationand amazing beings now working through me the results are even better.

Energy Healing is not a specific science and results cannot be guaranteed. However, there will always be a positive result, although it may not be as expected. Generally results will be dependant on the clients life lessons and their willingness to learn and clear the emotions and self work required to complete the healing. The healing energy we use comes from God through His spirit workers and is 'amped' down to a vibratory level that the client can utilise.

MBS Holistic Consultations:

These Mind, Body Spirit consultations encompass whatever is required at that time for the client. It is generally a mixture of energy healing, clairvoyance, discussion and assistance with choices and forward movement. Initial sessions are generally between 1 - 1.5 hours in length.

We are able to take clients at my home base on the North Shore, Auckland most evenings, Fridays and during the weekend.

Please Note: We will not turn anyone away. If cost is an issue, Spirit will direct a fair exchange.

Distance Energy Healing:

Distance healing does work! I have initiated healing for a couple halfway around the earth. When I connected with them later, they both said they felt the energy and received benefit from it. For distance work I prefer a client to make an appointment and be resting at the designated time. My spirit goes to their home in the first instance and works on them there with my Spirit Healing Team. Although my Team and I are not with you physically, it still means time set aside and energy expended to ensure you receive the best energy work we can give you from a distance.

Client Comments On Energy Healing:

'As a healer it is always a hard pill to swallow that you cannot always heal yourself. I had suffered with an ovarian cyst for many years. There was nothing the medical profession would do about this, as it only became a problem around the time of ovulation. The pain was debilitating as it shot down my side and into my leg.

Julia has changed all this for me with the most amazing healing. When I first got up onto the healing bed I could not lie flat. As a seer I was able to watch as her (Spirit Healing) Team worked on me and removed the cyst. The relief was almost immediate. I was able to drive home and slept for the first time in days. The next morning I was totally pain free and have had no further pain since. I am so grateful to Julia and her Team.' Sonja

'All my pain is gone and I have no need of strong pain tablets anymore. My doctor is cutting back all my other medications and has said that you should keep on doing whatever you're doing for me. I am now able to do things around the house again and even walk down to the shop. Life is worth living again.' Jean

'The first healing helped me bring forth and deal with issues I had previously locked away, but now wanted to deal with. The second healing gave gave me a deeper sense of peace and more acceptance of my surroundings than I had ever had. I am moving towards my future with strength and confidence.' Vai

'After smashing the end of my radial (arm) bone, I was still in agony, five hours after the accident, despite being given morphine. Energy Healing brought my pain level down to an easily manageable, dull throb after fifteen minutes and I was able to relax. Healings since then have given me further pain relief. I also felt bone movement and better blood flow around the injury.' Kevin

Julia is available for lectures to groups of like minded people or those who wish to understand more about the psychic/spiritual realms. As Julia has knowledge in a number of different areas, there are a range of topics available for presentation. These include:

* The Devic Kingdom (Nature Spirits.)

* Light Workers and Warriors and 2012.

* What is the Light Body and it's Value? (Audience participation.)

* Blessings and Rituals, their value in modern times. (Demonstration)

* What is Energy Healing Therapy (Audience participation.)

There are a number of short workshops available that are number dependant. They are generally held in Hillcrest, Auckland. I am happy to take a workshop elsewhere, if travel costs are met and a reasonable number of attendees can be guarenteed. Also, the MetaSelf Essentials Course is available as an at home study course. This works out less expensive and can be achieved at a pace most suited to the individual. See under 'Products.'

I have kept these courses short, as many people today are just too busy to do a full weekend workshop. Please see below for the main topics.

Ancestral DNA Healing - 27th Feb.
Advanced Healing Considerations - 6th March $50.00

* Basic Energy Healing. (One day) Includes grounding, protection, protocol, energy activations, demonstration, distance healing and hands on for body balance.

* Advanced Healing Considerations. (Full day.) Includes awareness of psychic surgery, colour and symbols, sound and much more. This course is designed to give an over view of a number of modalities so individuals can become aware of their choices in furthering their abilities.

* Earth Healing. (Half Day) What can we do as individuals and as united Light Beingsa to aid the earth?

* MetaSelf Essentials (Two day weekend) This course includes self awareness, meditations and how to build, maintain and work in Light Body mode.

* MetaSelf Advanced 1. (Full Day) Includes further exploration of 'I Am,' expanding perception, working in Light Body mode as a united Light to aid cultures, connection with Universal Beings of Light.

* MetaSelf Advanced 2. (Full Day) Includes past life awareness, sacred geometry, manifestation, earth work, claiming our mastery.

* Understanding Energy. (Full Day) Also includes the creation of a wand or other tool for self healing.

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Keywords: Energy Healing, Healing, Healing Energy

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