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By: Heartlight  06-Dec-2011

MetaSelf Spiritual Home Study Course - main focus is how to work from your Heart, plus build and maintain your Light Body. You CAN expect changes in your life if you chose to work with the principles in this course. The meditations are very empowering and strengthen the value of the written manual.

NOTE: You can enhance the energetic flow and value if you have a friend buy the course and do it with you.

'Just what I needed!'
'Excellent,very clear information.'
'Never be the same again, Yippee!'

A full 2 day course YOU can do when it suits YOU for just $85.00!

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Spiritual Empowerment Services

During my journey of about 20 years, I have been mostly spirit taught, although I do hold certificates from the National Federation Of Spiritual Healers. The healing energy we use comes from God through His spirit workers and is 'amped' down to a vibratory level that the client can utilise. MetaSelf Essentials This course includes self awareness, meditations and how to build, maintain and work in Light Body mode.