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By: Healthyonline  06-Dec-2011
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Silberhorn Sir Bob Charles Sportsvel deer velvet. A premium black label product from Sir Bob Charles own farm, at the foot hills of the Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand. This area is renowned for rich green pasture, nourished by the clean pure snow melted mineral waters of the Alpine region.  New Zealand has some of the finest quality Deer Velvet, by world standards. These Sportsvel deer velvet capsules contain 250mg of deer velvet per capsule. 100 caps.




100 Capsules

Common Uses

Suggested Dosage

1 to 4 capsules per day, to be taken with a meal.  A higher dosage is suggested initially, which could then be reduced once relief is noticed.

Health Information

Silberhorn, Sir Bob Charles Sportsvel deer velvet. Sir Bob Charles Sportsvel a premium black label product from his own farm, at the foot of the Southern Alps, at Oxford, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. Sir Bob Charles uses Silberhorn supplements and has been taking Deer Velvet as part of his health maintenance program for 20 years. Deer velvet is the main component in Chinese and Korean preventative medicine. Sir Bob Charles has a personal interest in Chinese Medicine. The Chinese approach to health maintenance is prevention, where the Western approach is the treatment of disease. Sir Bob Charles says he has never felt better and is playing great golf at 68. He is a great NZ example for all of us, by taking responsibility for his own health and well being. The founder of Silberhorn, Peter Beadle, also famous for his New Zealand landscape artwork, has had a long standing friendship with Sir Bob Charles. Silberhorn and Sir Bob Charles are now taking the association a step further by marketing Sir Bob Charles Deer Velvet, a product of his own farm, under the southern Alps of NZ. This product is a premium product, under the brand SportsVel. Deer Velvet is the food for the TLC tissues (tendons, ligaments and cartilage), the source of so much joint pain. Sir Bob says "New Zealand antler has assisted me in a number of areas, one area in particular has been supporting healthy joint function. Obviously my wrists have borne a large workload and I feel that taking deer velvet allows me to maintain excellent flexibility and supple joints".  The Process:  Deer velvet is a natural product derived from deer antler.  Silberhorn deer velvet comes from high quality stock from farmed herds.  Silberhorn processes the deer velvet under MAF quality assurance into a powdered form, using a FreeoVac, freeze-drying process, preserving all nutrients and health promoting properties.  The tonic in a capsule produced is a safe and effective way to help restore the bodys normal biochemical balance.


Each capsule contains 250mg of Deer Velvet. Other ingredients: Gelatine capsule. May contain traces of carob or rice flour.

Safety Information

Keep out of reach of Children.

Keywords: Health Information

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