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By: Healthyonline  06-Dec-2011
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Size: 30 Tablets

Tebonin is the original Ginkgo biloba brand from Germany containing the unique, proprietary extract EGb761, the best researched phyto-pharmaceutical ingredient worldwide.  To date, more than 60 controlled clinical studies using EGb761 have been published in international medical journals.  With more than 8 million tablets being consumed around the world every day Tebonin is the best selling global phyto medicine with excellent efficacy, safety and tolerablility.  Tebonin has been shown through clinical research to be an effective treatment for a range of conditions relating to impaired micro-circulation.  Tebonin optimizes the flow properties of the blood through capillaries, increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to all organs, tissues and individual cells throughout the human body.  In addition, if effectively reduces the excessive free radicals and promotes optimum cell function.  The main areas tebonin has been studies in include tinnitus or ringing in the ear, vertigo and dizziness and improving microcirculation, for better capillary health and cognitive function.  Natural support for healthy & normal brain & cognitive function, mental performance, concentration, alertness, focus, inner ear calm & quiet & balance. 30 tablets

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Latest News about Tebonin and Dementia.  Tebonin's efficacy in boosting brain function is one of the reasons researchers tested it as a possible treatment (and arguably a possible preventative) for dementia.

One study found that after 6 months  treatment with Tebonin EGb 761, dementia patients "showed a significant difference in favour of tebonin," when compared with control groups receiving a placebo.  The study concluded " Tebonin was found to be effective for cognitive functions in dementia" - no mean feat given the deterioration that goes with dementia.

But its the study just out at the end of April 2011 that's really opened up debate about Tebonin as a dementia treatment.  More than 400 patients with mild to moderate dementia (including Alzheimer's), were given either tebonin doses for six months or a placebo.  Researchers found the results were stunning.

"Treatment with EGb 761 was significantly superior to placebo for the symptoms of apathy/indifference, sleep/night time behaviour, irritability/lability, depression/dysphoria and aberrant motor behaviour."  Even more usefully, as well as benefits to the patient, their caregivers reported major improvements in their own well-being, as a result of the patients being easier to care for.

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Keywords: Free Radicals

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