Workplace Risk Assessments offered by Health4Work

By: Health4work  06-Dec-2011

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments to AS/NZS 4360 or equivalent standards can be provided.

An "on site" assessment would be supported with a detailed risk assessment  report that highlighted deficiencies against the respective risk management standards.  Where appropriate, recommendations for improvement would be highlighted in the report.

Other types of risk assessments can be provided as required.  The scope of the assessment would be customised to suit the individual employer.  Other types of risk assessments include:

  • Insurance risk
  • Fire risk
  • Environmental risk

Where required, support may be required to develop and maintain business continuity plans.

Other products and services from Health4work


Health & Safety Specialist Support - part time, offered by Health4Work

This may arise because of special project requirements or to provide specialist support where a full time health and safety resource is not appropriate. Health4Work has considerable experience is a wide range of industries and can tailor the support to meet individual business needs. Regular, part time health and safety support can be provided to businesses on a required basis.


Health and Safety System Development and Implementation

Health4Work will assist with the development and implementation of an appropriate health and safety system that is fully customised and documented for the individual business. A cost/benefit report can be provided that sets out the annual savings on ACC levies that can be achieved by participation in the respective programmes. The support package will compliment any existing system that is in place and may include.


How to get your ACC workplace levy discount of 10-20

Health4Work can provide you with a customized health and safety system to manage your workplace risks and at the same time assist you to achieve the available annual discounts. Large multisite corporates, to small businesses with very few employees are entitled to apply for these discounts. A large majority of employers are entitled to get an annual discount of 10-20% on their ACC workplace levy.


Workplace Audit Services offered by Health4Work

An "on site" assessment would be supported with a detailed audit report that highlighted deficiencies against the respective audit standards. If you require an initial or continuation workplace audit to achieve your ACC discount, contact Health 4 Work to book a date. Health4Work is approved by ACC to provide the following workplace audit services to employers. Recommendations for improvement would be highlighted in the report.