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By: Hawkeye Bird Control  06-Dec-2011
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As a leader in the commercial bird control industry we have developed a wide variety of services & products to meet your needs.

This web site has been designed to help you identify the problem bird and make informed decisions about appropriate solutions. And it doesn't end here; we offer a variety of information for prevention and maintenance.

Birds of Prey: Falconry

Falconry is the age old sport of hunting with birds of prey, with its roots in medieval times. We provide a proactive falconry program that is humane. This means actual free flying of live birds of prey to relocate the problem birds. This art is well over two thousand years old, and the way nature intended bird populations to be regulated..

Bird Coil is North America's most innovative, versatile, easy-to-use anti-perching system. Made of high-grade stainless steel, Bird Coil is perfect for long, narrow, exposed ledges. It is also adaptable to most architectural details. -- Based on the simple premise that birds like a solid landing platform, Bird Coil de-stabilizes the ledge, causing unwanted pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere.

Bird-Flite is installed on thousands of buildings with an incredible success rate, even under heavy bird pressure. Its thin, stainless steel rods and U.V.-resistant polycarbonate base are extremely durable and it is also the least conspicuous spike product on the market. Unlike similar products, Bird-Flite's spikes are blunted, preventing injury to birds or unsuspecting workmen.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track
Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away. The intermittent shock is painful, but does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long-term.

As most bird control experts know, there are ledges where heavy pressure (nesting birds) demands an exclusion system, and netting may be visually unacceptable. BirdSlide completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can’t get a grip and “slide” right off the ledge. Made from UV stabilized polycarbonate, this product will be in service far longer than its five-year warranty.

Birdwire is a spring-tensioned wire system designed to create an unstable landing area that is widely used throughout Canada and the US because of its very low profile. It carries GSA approval for historic buildings and is one of the least visible of all ledge products, and is frequently used on high-visibility ledges where aesthetics are important.

Cleaning & Disinfecting
Cleaning of bird feces and nest materials is much more than an esthetic issue, it is a health and safety concern. We offer a full service cleaning package that includes removal of feces and nest materials, power washing and disinfecting..

Daddi Long Legs
The Daddi Long Legs is in a class by itself. It's unique design deters gulls, pigeons, and other large birds, from landing in open spaces such as flat roofs or air conditioning units, as well as on street lights and other hard-to-protect areas. Thin, stainless steel rods rotate in the breeze and wave menacingly, interfering with birds as they attempt to land.

We use legal, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) authorized humane methods to contain geese population on sites where they are not wanted (such as golf courses, country clubs, play grounds, townhouse complexes and county parks). How does it work? Hawkeye Bird Control Inc. begins with using specially trained dogs. These dogs are guided by a handler at all times to patrol the designated areas. The handler's responsibility is to ensure the safety of the dogs, the geese and the public..

Gutter Point
Rain gutters have always been a problem bird area. For years installers have adapted other bird deterrents for the task. We have simplified the installation thanks to the introduction of Gutter-Point. Thin stainless steel spikes protrude upwards from a plastic base, making it difficult for birds to gain a foothold. Gutter-Point's specially designed clips make it easy to install and the spike configuration protects not only the edge of the gutter, but the inside as well.


HVAC Netting System
The protective net is net ringed to the supporting perimeter cable and down the corner seams. The weighted line is also net ringed securely to the bottom of the net to insure a clean and tight installation. A zipper can be installed in the net to allow access to the interior of the protection system. In the second example described here a 6' zipper is installed that allows easy access for maintenance.

Pest Bird Balcony Netting
Used for Pigeons, Gulls, Sparrows, Starlings
After cleaning and depending on the size of the balcony, very little hardware is needed. Installation requires attaching a galvanized (rust inhibited) steel cable to the structure, as well as to the net..

Pest Bird Capture Netting™
Used for Pigeons, Geese, Gulls, Sparrows, Starlings
Functioning much like a badminton net, Capture pest bird control/removal netting is the version for real birds and captures them in flight..

Pest Bird, Wildlife, Animal, Mammal Netting & Exclusion
is usually used to exclude or restrict access or remove nesting and roosting den and hibernation areas used by pest birds and wildlife/animals/mammals..

StealthNet is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world.StealthNet denies pest birds access to literally any architectural configuration, including courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, etc.

Warehouse Doors & Dock Seals
Flexon’s screen doors are light weight, and generally allow light and air-flow. They are a great alternative to simply closing the heavy steel doors present at most warehouses. Because they are light, they can be opened and closed easily. They can also be installed with electric openers that are electric-eye or push-button operated. Their tracks and mesh come in various tolerances for different degrees of exclusion.

The idea of nest removal is to not only physically remove the nest and eggs, but to also inhibit habitual imprinting, thus preventing the return of the young ones and their parents to your site..

Pigeon Trapping
The trapping and relocation of pigeons is a humane and effective method of permanently dealing with pigeon populations. This program reduces the number of hatchlings and consequently the number of adult birds. We install traps in high traffic pigeon areas, capturing the birds without injuries. Food and water in the traps ensures their survival until our trained technicians remove them weekly.

SPIKE: Polly Spike
The new polycarbonate bird spike comes in two-foot lengths for faster application. Polly-Spike is warrantied for five years but should perform for many more years, especially in areas of less sunlight (inside, northern hemispheres). Pigeons and larger birds are not able to gain a foothold on the protected surface and are forced to take their mess elsewhere.

Pyro Technics
Any firecracker or banger that can be directed towards birds will have some sort of an effect on the birds and is usually fired out of a starter pistol, 12 gauge shot gun or a similar propellant.

Sound & Visual
Most sound devices are ineffective against birds. We have yet to find any sound related device that can be guaranteed to perform the job. The only exception to that rule are digitally recorded screams of birds of prey as well as cries of target birds.Advantages
Can be used in conjunction with secondary bird control option such as falconry.Disadvantages
Any of these systems have a fundamental problem constantly, crying "Wolf". At some point the birds learn to dismiss the cries unless there is a physical appearance of an actual bird of prey.

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