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With many years of experience and a reputation for excellent, efficient service and job completion, The Surveying Company gives written guarantees for costs and timeframe.

We value relationships with clients and other professionals in the field and have established relations with local council and other authorities. 

The Surveying Company has many years of preparing successful applications. Our presentation to Council authorities in terms of plans and reports is second to none which makes the processing as rapid and trouble free as possible. We base our success on a thorough comprehension of subdivision legislation and delivering workable solutions. We liaise strongly with Council authorities and effected parties so the consent process is as smooth as possible.

The Surveying Company has been maximizing profit for our clients through innovative solutions in residential subdivisions for many years. Our highly systematic procedures streamline the entire subdivision process so that completion is on time, keeping costs to a minimum and profits to a maximum.

Farm park subdivisions have been created to provide lifestyle living in the rural or rural-residential environment while at the same time protecting the agricultural productivity of the majority of the farm.  This is achieved by creating a number of individually owned sites, no smaller than 2500m² or about half an acre, on a rural property with the balance of the farm being placed in joint ownership and protected from further development.  It gives purchasers the ability to live rurally while sharing the responsibility of the farm in general.  

Farm park subdivisions are not suitable for any block of land and anyone contemplating one should get the right advice.  If you would like further details on farm park subdivisions and particularly if it could be suitable to your property, please don’t hesitate to call us.  

The Surveying Company understands the trends and has reacted accordingly upskilling our abilities and has now completed many large scale unit title developments around the North Island.

We have been involved in a number of water bore location surveys for various clients throughout Hawke's Bay.  Our clients require the location and height of the water bores to varying degrees of accuracy.  Most clients have been satisfied with the horizontal and vertical accuracy provided by GPS at approximately 30 - 40mm however some clients require a relative vertical accuracy of about 3mm which can be provided using leveling techniques in conjunction with GPS control.  The GPS has the advantage of being able to access locations where conventional techniques would be extremely time intensive.

A sign of the times is that projects today are becoming more complex with more requirements being imposed by Council authorities. Subdivision requires coordination amongst a range of professionals and a surveyor is ideally positioned to manage these parts as we have a diverse range of experience including planning, engineering and legal expertise. If you are looking to place someone at the hub of any development project you would be wise to pick one of our management team. This will be the most important decision you make before proceeding.

Before any project goes ahead the numbers have to work. We can work through the numbers for you starting with your gross realization, allowing for your profit and risk and accounting for any costs. If this does not add up for you we will deliver the hard figures and suggest not proceeding. Of course if the numbers are favourable you will have the confidence to go ahead with enthusiasm.

The Surveying Company has completed many subdivisions incorporating efficiently managed civil engineered designs.  We have an intimate knowledge of the contract and construction process and know how to avoid the pitfalls that can often lead to delays and cost overruns.

We have the technology to present any property related information graphically in a highly accurate and clear manner whether this be to satisfy a building consent application for Council or any other related visual purpose.

There are many reasons why a structure may need to be monitored for movement.  For example, it is well known that dam walls change shape with varying water pressure, that the foundations of large buildings are affected by changes in ground conditions and that landslips sometimes occur on embankments and cuttings.  For all of these, deformation surveys can be used to measure the amount by which a structure moves both vertically and horizontally over regular time intervals.  It is the taking of very precise periodic measurements that distinguishes a deformation survey from other types.  The Surveying Company has the techniques and equipment to carry out this task efficiently.

It is not unusual for a boundary fence to be located in the incorrect position and for this reason it should not be assumed it is correct. Mistakes generally happen because someone has not taken the time to instruct a surveyor to show them exactly where it should go. This can be particularly problematic when dealing with old properties where a home owner or developer wants to renew a fence or build in close proximity to a boundary. The consequences of not finding out the location of the true boundary and taking short cuts can be very expensive. Let us remove the stress and help you sleep at night.

The Surveying Company is able to deliver precise farm maps at a variety of accuracy requirements as we have for a number of farms in the Hawkes Bay. We have the ability to utilise our survey accurate GPS equipment to produce farm maps at below ±0.5m accuracy, however if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution we can work with aerial photography or Google Earth to deliver to you a plan view showing paddock names, areas, fence lines or any other desired feature. Many areas in the Hawkes Bay now have extremely good Google earth images which makes for a convenient source of aerial photography for farm mapping.

Cross lease subdivisions were originally commonly utilised to avoid council contributions. However this loophole has been removed and consequently any advantage it had. In fact these subdivisions have many disadvantages for the home owner and as a result many choose to convert these titles to a standard freehold title. If you want to discuss the advantages and processes to this conversion give us a call.

In some low lying locations around the country such as Napier it can be a specification from Council that a new structure be build a certain height above sea level. We have the equipment and experience to meet these requirements so contact us.

The Surveying Company has assisted in the protection of over 4500 ha of significant natural or cultural land mostly throughout the East Coast of the North Island. To date this has involved over 120 separate surveys and features protected include landscapes, forest remnants, wetlands, grasslands, threatened species habitats, and cultural and archaeological sites.

Keywords: Surveying Company

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This procedure can be universally applied to a range of subdivisions we carry out for professionals from large scale residential projects to rural farm park developments to multi strata unit title developments. Landlords and tenants require precise measurements of buildings for calculating rentables areas in terms of the Building and Office Management Associations Guide to the Measurement of Rentable Areas.


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Part of this process involves the mapping and measuring of these covenants so they may be accurately graphically depicted to formalize their protection in perpetuity. The Surveying Company has assisted in the protection of over 4500 ha of significant natural or cultural land mostly throughout the East Coast of the North Island.