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Here at WRC Developments we can provide the highest level of engine tuning available in NZ. With almost 20 years of experience working for manufacturer race and rally teams such as BMW Motorsport GmbH, Alfa Romeo BTCC, Subaru WRC Team, Hyundai WRC Team, Ferrari & Aston Martin FIA Le Mans series netting multiple World Championships in the process.

Where engine development and tuning carried out for extremes in environment from -40degC in the Arctic Circle to +45degC in Africa and at altitudes of over 4000m in South America have given us the ultimate conditions to hone our skills.

Combine this with years of working with special road car project development for manufacturers like Subaru and Mitsubishi, whose demands for perfection are second to none. The testing and sign off of such projects are complex with the manufacturer needing the confidence to offer the vehicles from the showroom with comprehensive warranties.

All this has provided us with the ability to supply upgrades and tuning that not only perform well but are reliable too.

The tuning of the engine has a huge effect on the way your car drives. Unless you are running a drag car you will need a progressive delivery of power throughout the rev range and travel of the throttle pedal. For example, a rally car driven on gravel uses the engine torque and power to help ‘steer’ through the corners. The ability to be able to adjust and balance the car on the throttle mid corner is of paramount importance and if the tuning were only performed at full throttle on a dyno with peak output values in mind the car would be very difficult and unrewarding to drive.

While the dyno is an important tool for tuning it does not enable the tuner to optimise for conditions seen when driving on road, special stage or race track. The only way to achieve this is by carrying out in car mapping/data analysis while driving on the track or road. The airflow the engine sees is very different in the real world when compared to the dyno and the ECU maps should be trimmed to allow for this once the base dyno tuning has been completed.

Transient conditions seen during acceleration, deceleration and gearchanges also need to be mapped correctly and cannot be achieved by dyno testing alone. Advanced ECU functions such as antilag, launch control, gear cut control etc all need to be set up on the surface which the car will be used. 

We are agents for the following engine management systems:

We also tune the following systems:

  • Motec
  • Autronic
  • Hondata
  • Dynojet Powercommander V (Race Quads only)

Keywords: Car, Engine, Engine Management

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