Bread, Baking Goods and Biscuits

By: Star Food Service  06-Dec-2011

Bagels Parbaked, Yarrows #1723

Bap Scottish, Yarrows #868
Bap Tomato & Pesto, Yarrows #1906

Biscuit, Melting Moments Mini Sudano
Biscuits,Afghan Griffins
Biscuits Almond Amaretti Macaroon, Unibic
Biscuit, Sponge Fingers, Unibic
Biscuit Base, Tradewinds
Biscuits Chocolate Chippies, Griffins
Biscuit Griffins Vanilla Wine 250gm
Biscuit Griffins Gingernut 250gm
Biscuit Crumbs, Edmonds
Biscuit Crumbs,Link, Malt
Biscuits Malt Griffins
Biscuits Krispie, Griffins
Biscuits Watercrackers, Arnotts
Biscuits Cheeseboard Crackers, Arnotts
Crackers Snax Orignal, Griffins 250gm
Crackers, Rice, Black Pepper Flav
Crackers, Rice, BBQ Flav
Crackers, Rice, Chciken Flav
Crackers, Rice, Plain Flav
Crackers, Rice, Sour & Cream Flav
Crackers, Shrimp Flavoured R/Cock
Biscuits, Mixed Carton
Wafer JJ's

Breadcrumbs, Premium, Link
Breadcrumbs, Premium, G/F
Breadcrumbs, G/F Foods, White Coarse
Bread Cobb Olive Large, Yarrows #337
Bread Olive & Foccaccia, Yarrows #402
Muffin Splits, English, Quality Bakers
Bread Pitta Large, Quality Bakers
Bread Pitta Med, Quality Bakers, 3971
Bread Pitta Mini, Quality Bakers, 3974
Bread Sourdough, Yarrows #344
Bread Sourdough, Yarrows, Vienna #1409
Bread Stick, Garlic, French Bakery
Bread Stick, Plain, French Bakery
Bun Chelsea Yarrows #1704

Croissant Parbaked Large 80gm, French Bakery #184
Croissant Small 40gm, French Bakery #185
Croissant Large American, Yarrows #1888
Croissant Medium, Yarrows #881
Croissant Pre Proved Pastryhouse

Donut American Round Original Foods
Donut, Original Foods, Mini
Donut, Round Cream, Yarrows #1201

Éclair Cases, Yarrows #900 30gm

Frenchstick Mini, Yarrows #830
Blinis, Van Dyck
Hotcake, Van Dyck #033
Hotcake, Mini Chocolate, Van Dyck #047
HotCake, Plain Mini, Van Dyck
Hotcakes, Frozen, Quality Bakers
Jam Rap, Original Foods
Knots Parbaked Plain, French Bakery

Lamingtons Chocolate Med, Yarrows #1440
Lamingtons Raspberry Med, Yarrows #445
Lamingtons Mixed Ctn, Elite

Pancakes, Plain, Van Dyck
Pancakes, Sweet, Van Dyck

Panini Parbaked, Plain Large,French Bakery 150gm
Panini Parbaked Plain Small, French Bakery 80gm
Panini PB Sundried Tomato, French Bakery, Large
Panini PB Basil Large, French Bakery

Pizza Base PB Large Plain, French Bakery
Pizza Base PB XL Plain, French Bakery
Pizza Base PB Mini, French Bakery
Pizza Mini Hawaiian, McCains
Pizza Mini Supreme, McCains
Pizza Sheet, French Bakery PB #240

Bread Ciabatta Mini Roll F/Bakery #160
Roll, White Dinner, SpeediBake
Ciabatta Rolls, Speedibake
Ciabatta Rolls, French Bakery
Roll, Jumbo Sesame Hamburger Quality Bakers
Baguettes, 1/2, Speedibake
Baguettes, White, Speedibake
Loaf, Turkish, Speedibake
Loaf Batard Petit Speedibake
Loaf Vienna Speedibake
Roll Grain #1826
Roll Yarrows Bulk Garlic #1194
Roll Long Wheatmeal, Yarrows #390
Roll Long White, Yarrows
Roll Schrippen Plain, Yarrows #2443
Roll Sour Dough, Yarrows #1907
Pappadums, Plain, Pataks
Wraps, Traditional Tortill, Quality Bakers #3985 Frozen
Wraps, Original Farrah 10"
Wraps Original Farrah 8"
Wraps Tomato & Basil 10"

Sweet Base, Yarrows 2 inch, 20 gm #1776

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