iFarm :: Market Outlook

By: iFarm  06-Dec-2011

Our monthly Market Outlook forecasts 'Farmer Operating Prices' for lamb, beef, venison and wool for the coming six months.

These forecasts are based on our detailed analysis of supply/demand, procurement factors, key export markets, market competitors and exchange rate effects.

A very valuable tool for your medium and longer term planning and marketing decisions.

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iFarm :: Livestockeye

LivestockEye is another great tool for farmers in the march towards more objective farming - in this case timely livestock auction information based on actual weights". LivestockEye is a refreshing approach to market reporting, true liveweight based pricing is an essential tool within our business for accuracy and accountability". Every sheep and beef farmer should subscribe to it".Tim Rhodes, Gisborne. View a recent LivestockEye report.


iFarm :: Market Insight

Having up to date information on current market trends and future predictions is a vital tool I use to help run our farm business".Roger Dalrymple, Bulls. Relevant and timely information which keeps me right up to speed with both domestic and international markets".Sam Robinson. Market Insight's paid for itself 10 times over in just one deal. It's vital to my farming business".Dennis Munro, Wairoa.


iFarm :: Navigator

We have been developing Navigator for over a year now and can at last introduce to its in-depth articles that explore progressive farm management practices and provides you guidance on how to apply the information to your farming operation. Analyse the dollars and sense of a farm management policy drawing on our extensive database of market information and industry experts.


iFarm :: Services

Our agri-market analysts have broad understanding of the market conditions and are right up to date with the factors influencing prices from the farm gate through to overseas markets. Because they come from farming stock, they know what information farmers need to make the right buying and selling decisions, and have put together an ?intelligence network.