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Several access packages are available to add value to you or your clients' use of this site and its contents.

Content feeds

Access our site's content from within your site through our customised content feeds.

Make use of our private feeds service. Use our specialised content editors to create your own content and feed this directly and solely to your clients through your site.

Online training

Supplement your training programme by using the learning and information resources on HortInfo.

Select your own packages of content from this site and deliver them to your learners either through your own site or through HortInfo.

Online classes

Create your own secure online class within HortInfo. Your students will log into the site and enter your own private virtual class room.

Pick and choose content from across the site, and arrange it into packages that suit your teaching programme.

Content hosting

Reach your target audience by using HortInfo to host your content.

Our Govern- ment and institution- al clients deliver their material to the various horticulture sectors effectively and efficiently by using our content hosting service.

You can link to specific items (e.g. a calculator) or groups of items (e.g. irrigation factsheets) from your site to form a seamless experience for your site's users.

We wrap these content feeds with your site's look and feel and navigation so that your users are essentially unaware they are viewing content from another site.

Our factsheets automatically detect your users and dynamically inject examples and additional information specific to your users into the core factsheets.

Industry sector partners

  • Full access to core content
  • Access to our factsheet editor to load crop-specific information into our core factsheets
  • Training and support for your web site's staff
  • $XXXX/year

Conventional training programmes are enhanced by providing participants with online information, reviews, multimedia facilities and review tools.

We provide a secure space in HortInfo in which you can:

  • upload documents
  • access and arrange HortInfo content to complement and reinforce your face-to-face training
  • present video of the training event (contact us for a price to shoot and preview a video record of your training event), and
  • provide quiz-based or survey-based assessment applications for your participants.


  1. Single session (up to 2 weeks duration)
    • Access to relevant generic content in HortInfo
    • Access to content aggregator tool, document and video management tools
    • $XXYY/session
  2. Full season
    • Full access to generic content
    • Access to content aggregator tool, document and video management tools
    • $XXYZ/season

You will have access to all the functions you would normally expect in an online classroom:

  • quizzes
  • slideshows
  • discussion forums
  • messaging
  • writing cafes
  • e-books
  • gradebook
  • document/image/video management
  • content management
  • management systems for unit standards
  • site content aggregation tool

HortInfo also includes unique tools for creating:

  • interactive, online problem- and scenario-based learning activities
  • data-driven learning exercises with an almost infinite number of questions and automatically generated worked answers
  • self-generating literacy reinforcement activities to enhance and extend learners' literary skills


  1. Casual class
    • Full access to generic content
    • Access to content aggregator tool only
    • $XXYY/semester
    • $XXXX/year
  2. Full class
    • Full access to generic content
    • Full access to all e-learning and class management tools
    • $XXYZ/semester
    • $XXXZ/year

If you have important information for the horticulture industry and need a distribution point for that information, HortInfo can help you.

Through our content feeds service with the major industry sectors, we can easily present your material in their sites.

You can focus on creating and updating your content - we can distribute it to the people who will most benefit from it.


  1. Hosting only
    • We load, arrange, and update your content
    • $XXXX/year
  2. Hosting & updating
    • You load and update your content
    • We provide you with training & support
    • $XXXZ/year
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Keywords: Training Programme