Activance with Rhodanide

By: Hairapy  06-Dec-2011

Hair Stimulant and Hair Revitaliser

Activance is the scientific solution to thinning, damaged and lifeless hair for both men and women.*


Thickens & Moisturises

Rhodanide both swells the hair keratin and allows your hair to retain at least 50% more moisture than normal, increasing the thickness of each strand of hair and giving you greater volume.


Strengthens & Protects

By smoothing your hair cuticles and strengthening the keratin, Activance gives your hair greater elasticity, preventing deterioration, damage and breakage, and adding natural shine.


Stimulates Hair Growth

Rhodanide revives thinning, lifeless hair, lengthens the hair cycle, and promotes an anti-ageing effect by mopping up damaging molecules and toxins. This naturally encourages healthy hair growth and the reduction of premature hair loss.

The results


Up to 90% of users notice a visible increase in hair volume, thickness and shine.


Up to 75% of users report their rate of hair loss reduced or stopped altogether.


80% of users regrow their hair, and many report significant reductions in scalp irritation, seborrhea and dandruff.**

* Tirsch, C & Timmel, A 1997, 'Rhodanide and Hereditary Hair Loss', Apotheker Journal, vol. 4, pp. 31-33.
** Robinson Greenwood, M (PhD) 2000, Hair Savers for Women: A Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss, Thre Rivers Press, NY, pp. 106-107.

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