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By: FMNZ  06-Dec-2011

Forest inventory is the measurement of trees to ascertain what is actually growing within the forest boundaries. The data is collected for several different reasons. It may be for use in growth modelling applications, harvest planning or for quality control and contractor payment as well as many other applications. Good quality inventory data is invaluable as it provides knowledge of the resource and enables a forest manager to make the best decisions for that forest.

  • Stocking plots
  • Pruning pre-assessement plots
  • Quality control plots
  • Permanent sample plots
  • Mid rotation inventory
  • MARVL plots used for assessing recoverable log volumes pre harvest

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We have stringent quality control and safety procedures as well as a robust payment system which is based upon the pruning or thinning prescription standard and actual area completed. In one twelve month period, we organised and supervised over 12,000 hectares of silvicultural operations. Safety audits of the contracting crews to ensure a safe workplace is maintained. This involved having over 300 workers in our forests on a day to day basis.