Equiptec | Rollaspan Bridging System

By: Equiptec  06-Dec-2011

The fastest, most efficient way to bridge a gap, ever. The innovative EQUIPTEC Rollaspan™ bridging system.

  • Rollaspan™ packs down small and light for transport, handling and storage.
  • Lightweight components easily handled.
  • Bolt-free assembly completed in just a few minutes.
  • Platforms roll quickly into place from one end - no risk for staff.
  • Simple and safe placement of posts and handrails.

MODULAR .. a 12.5 metre Rollaspan™ unit can reduce in minutes to 10.0m, 7.5m or 5.0m.

COMPONENT INTEGRATION .. platforms and handrails are standard components from Equiptec’s scaffolding range. Use them on mobile towers or face scaffolds when not in use with Rollaspan.

A LARGE DECK .. Use your Rollaspan™ as a work bridge .. or construct it with the platforms fitted transversley.  This forms a large, sturdy deck up to 7.5m across .. and as many bays wide a you want.

USE WITH ANY SYSTEM .. truss sections can be clamped with standard scaffold couplers. This allows Rollaspan to be used with almost any scaffold system.


Standard Rollaspan™ length options are 5.0m, 7.5m, 10.0m* & 12.5m with a 560mm wide platform surface.

The Rollaspan™ loading capacities for the length* options are: 450kg per 5.0m long, 675kg per 7.5m long, 600kg per 10.0m long and 225kg per 12.5m long.  These loading capacities are conservatively within the AS/ NZ 1576 requirements.

As a deck system the Rollaspan™ capacity is 300kg per bay at 7.5m span or 750kg per bay at 5.0m span.

STRONGER STILL .. Rollaspan™ load rating is limited by the load capacity of the platforms. When building a scaffold up off the side trusses (7.5m max span), the Safe Working Load is considerably increased**.

*bridges can be made to special lengths within 10.0m.
**Please consult Equiptec before applying this truss structure loading option.

Multi Level:

Designed for excellent headroom clearance when used in multi-tiered applications.

Cantilever .. your Rollaspan™ can cantilever up to 3.0m!

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