Equiptec - Aluminium Scaffolding solutions

By: Equiptec  06-Dec-2011

Equiptec's 5 different product types all come from the same design office .. and all carry the same distinctive hallmarks that make them the "equipment of choice" for maintenance engineers, scaffolders and tradespeople.  They know it is ..

  • Designed and built for decades of use.
  • Tested to extreme loadings
  • Engineer certified to comply with appropriate standards
  • Simple, so it's reliable, and easy to use.
  • Economic, with a large proportion of common componentry.

And we are very fussy about raw materials .. nothing but the best .. including

  • Heavy wall, hard grade extrusions
  • Tough, high quality castings and fittings
  • Exceptionally durable non-slip decking

Other products and services from Equiptec


Equiptec | Multiscaff Mobile Towers and Walkthru Systems

A tried and true industrial strength, multi purpose aluminium scaffold system .. Clamp-on frames to reduce tower widths. Years and years of profitable income.


Equiptec | Rollaspan Bridging System

As a deck system the Rollaspan™ capacity is 300kg per bay at 7.5m span or 750kg per bay at 5.0m span. Platforms and handrails are standard components from Equiptec’s scaffolding range. These loading capacities are conservatively within the AS/ NZ 1576 requirements. Rollaspan™ load rating is limited by the load capacity of the platforms. Platforms roll quickly into place from one end - no risk for staff.