Eos Design

By: Eos Design  06-Dec-2011

We offer free advice if you are considering altering your home, or if you a looking to purchase a house to alter.

We can take care of your minor alterations such as decks, pergolas, and removing walls, and advise you if building consent is required.

We can help you subdivide your property and meet council requirements for access and services.

We can design your new commercial building or development.

If you already have a design, we can document it for consent including specifications and consent applications.

If you didn’t get consent in the first place we can help you resolve issues with the local council and apply for a certificate of acceptance.

If you want to borrow lots of money we can help with scheme design and presentation plans to assist in funding applications.

We can offer design and build services in conjunction with a number of reputable local builders.

We can manage or supervise your project to ensure you get the result you want on time and on budget.