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By: Bay Cad Services  06-Dec-2011

Architectural Design Service

Don't compromise by building a  Standard Plan  on your site.

We do not have "Standard Plans."

Each design is a collaboration of your ideas and our experience, to ensure your new home takes full advantage of sun and views on your site, your lifestyle, and meets all the requirements of a modern compliant home.

Contact us to arrange a free meeting, or send us a fax of your sketches. We'll send you a questionnaire to fill out to draw your attention to the features, fixtures and finishes we will need information about as part of the design process. You will be given a price for completing the design and creating a computer model, and an estimate of cost to complete the construction drawings. A deposit is required before the computer work is commenced.

A 3D computer model of the proposed scheme will be built from the ideas discussed. You will be able "walk through" the model and see exactly what your home will look like. Design changes can be made to the model, to reflect any alterations you might want to make. The scheme model will be ready for viewing in just a couple of days.

Our experienced staff will guide you through the design process, advising you on site restrictions and compliance issues that might arise.


We can supply you with software and files so that you can view the model on your own computer, at home, and take your time checking before committing to scheme plans. Scheme plans can be use to get cost estimates from builders and other trades, and only when you are satisfied with the design and material choices, and are happy it's all within budget, will we proceed to produce consent/construction plans.

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