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By: The Damson Collection  06-Dec-2011
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Little known fact..damsons contain serotonin so the more of the Damson Collection you eat the happier you'll be.

Our products are all based on Damson Plums and are made from the finest and freshest ingredients.
The Damson Collection consists of;

Each product is unique to taste and is loaded with flavour.

Our paste is made "hours" after picking the damson plums with absolutely no preservatives, pectins or gums. It is cooked
with care and patience and set into 70ml glass jars for your serving/eating pleasure.

The paste is packed with rich damson flavours and you'll enjoy the sensation of both sweet and sour as it melts in your
mouth. A great compliment for many foods or delicious on toast.

Serving Suggestions :

  • Serve with your favourite cheeses, it's perfect with a blue or aged cheddar.
  • Melt some into your roast drippings for a surprising flavour in your gravy or glaze the roast before serving.
  • Serve as a condiment with lamb, duck, turkey or venison.

Our chocolates are handmade by a favourite Wellington chocolate maker. He uses only the finest Belgian chocolate,
damson plums, damson liqueur and a fine fondant to create our uniquely flavoured chocolates.

The chocolates are provided to you in a box of 9. They are packaged in our distinct and elegant Damson Collection packaging to suit its contents.

Caution: The centre contains liqueur and will spill when you bite into it - so consider popping the whole chocolate into your mouth or turning it upside down and biting off the bottom. You won't want to miss a single drop.

Purchase the chocolates as a unique gift for;

  • Special occasions
  • Not so special occasions
  • Self indulgence
  • After dinner with coffee


Serving Suggestions;

  • Drink neat or on ice
  • Pour over ice cream
  • Macerate with some muscatels and pour over a piece of brie cheese
  • Champagne cocktail (put a small amount of liqueur in bottom of flute and pour bubbles over)

Our liqueur is hand made with fresh damsons from our orchard. Whole fruit is used to infuse the colour and plum flavour into a gin base. All that is added is some sugar (plus one secret ingredient).

Each vintage is bottled after up to 18 months of infusion.

Until recently the liqueur has been made in very small quantities for our friends and family. Each season, they would come to us with a bottle of gin to exchange for a bottle of damson liqueur. This tradition has been going on for decades.

Now we are making it available to you in limited quantities. (Hurry !!! The current vintage is selling out quickly).

The Damson Collection Damson Jam is the best plum jam you will find on shelves anywhere ! The taste is rich and plummy and perfect on your toast. This jam fills the gap on the market for a great plum jam ..but be warned, it is addictive!

Serving Suggestions;

  • Spread generously on your toast or freshly baked bread (with butter of course)
  • Layer a sponge cage
  • Louise Cake
  • Christmas Trifle
  • Substitute in baking for any suggested jams – it is a noticeable and delicious change

Margie has come up with a great new product. It is flying out the door.. our vinaigrette is the same luscious colour of all our products and has the zing and freshness of damsons.

It is made from a white wine vinegar base (so is gluten free) and adds a delicious fresh taste to salad greens as well as sweet dishes. We've packaged it with a spray pump so that your salads are lightly misted rather than drowned.

Serving Suggestions;

  • Try it on your fish and chips
  • Use it to deglace a pan after cooking meat in it
  • Spray it over grilled peaches
  • Mist over fresh salad greens

Enjoy !!


We have now got a perfect dessert sauce. Our coulis has the gorgeous colour of the damsons, the sharp tang and the rich plum flavour. This is all enhanced with a touch of Damson Brandy made especially for this unique product.

  • Pour it over ice cream
  • Drizzle it over a pavlova or cheesecake
  • Lace a brownie or piece of chocolate cake with a generous amount

Not only does it taste great - it looks beautiful on the plate.

Keywords: Chocolates, Liqueur