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By: Terraza Saffron  06-Dec-2011

Terraza Saffron - ½ Gram

  • over 250 threads enough for 20 dishes!

Terraza Saffron - 2 gram jar

  • for the seriously addicted!

Terraza Saffron - 5 gram jar

  • primarily for the restaurant trade

Terraza Saffron - 10 gram jar

  • definitely for the restaurant trade

Terraza Saffron Syrup

  • a sweet seduction, try it over ice cream, with a fresh fruit platter, or even over a salad, let your sweet tooth run wild!

We have been selling corms for a number of years now and once again will be making corms available in January 2012.  Those corms will flower in the period from the end of March through to early May 2012.

Once again this year we are offering corms for sale in packages designed for home gardeners as well as for those contemplating purchasing corms in bulk.

Home Package

Designed for those wanting to:

  • Grow their own
  • 20 Corms (larger than 10g)
  • Planting Guide
  • Hints for Processing
  • Packaging, freight.    

Bulk Pack

Designed for those wanting to trial growing saffron, or to increase current production.

  • Please indicate the numbers of corms and we supply according to the date the order has been received
  • A deposit of 10% is required with the order.

It is important to recognise that (in general) ideal climate conditions for growing saffron mean hot dry summers, some rain in Autumn (ideally prior to harvest), some chilling in Winter and a warm Spring.  Seasonal extremes will affect the ability of the corm to produce at optimum levels.