TASC Systems Ltd | FieldVision released

By: Tasc Systems  05-Apr-2012

FieldVision released

TASC systems announces the release of FieldVision Desktop.

FieldVision is a new orchard program initially targeted at recording insect pest trap information.
New protocols have been introduced in the New Zealand pipfruit industry that mean the trapping records need to be checked by not only growers and independent auditors but also by companies handling the fruit further up the supply chain. FieldVision makes this easier by not only making recording of the information easier, but it also can check thresholds against the set of rules and advise of issues as they arise. Its ability to save and load the information in xml format also means it is now a lot easier to send the information to third parties such as a packhouse.

FieldVision also has a mapping ability where trap positions, the orchard area and various orchard features can be mapped as placemarks within the aerial photos shown on GoogleEarth.

The Standard version is free to Growers, so give it a try.


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