By: Stewart Group  06-Dec-2011

Clients are often so busy coping with day-to-day issues it can be difficult to focus on life beyond your career, business and family.

We can assist you organise all your financial affairs by offering strategic advice in a number of areas:

  • Cash & Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Foreign Transitional Resident Investments
  • Margin Lending
  • Property Acquisitions or Property Sales
  • Succession Planning
  • Trust Implementation

today for further information about our strategic services and how we can help you.

Other products and services from Stewart Group


Wealth Management

Our team of advisers will show that with a disciplined approach, diversification of assets and understanding your tolerance to risk, we can create long-term wealth allowing you to achieve your investment and lifestyle goals now and into the future. We all want a successful investment experience – free from sleepless nights worrying about how the markets are performing and what impact that may have on our portfolio.


Risk Management

Our team of advisers will look at all aspects of your situation and will develop a personalised plan to secure your financial future through the implementation of appropriate risk management strategies. We all need some form of risk protection – a plan to protect our assets, our family our income and our business against life’s unexpected events.


UK Pension Advice

Our team of advisers can assist you with this process to simplify the transfer of your pension into an approved New Zealand QROPS registered scheme so that you can continue enjoying life. Transferring a pension from the UK can be difficult and time consuming given there are strict rules that must be adhered to.