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By: ProcessIT -Custom Software for YOUR Business  22-Mar-2016
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I recently attended a seminar where this question was posed by the Presenter. The presenter offered the following reasons:  Reduce Errors  Reduce Costs  Improve Quality  Keep Customers  Win New Customers  Improve Customer Service  Create Jobs With the ultimate goal being to increases your businesses value! While I spend most of my time building and helping my Clients with their systems, this was a good reminder of the goals needed and the Clients underlying targets. Let’s take a quick look at each of these: Reduce Errors A well-constructed software system will enforce your business process and ensure that your data entry is valid and appropriate, entered in the correct order and even by a suitably authorised person. The system can then accurately calculate from your figures and present the results in the format that you need so you can make the correct strategic calls. Reduce costs It often amazes me how much effort is required to manually prepare monthly / quarterly and annual reports. A good software system can produce these for you at the click of a button! Further time savings can be gained by simply avoiding duplicate data re-entry on little things like an address etc. Improve Quality This follows directly form reducing errors as now your business Processes are enforced and monitored it becomes easier to follow-up those issues and pinpoint problem areas that need fixing, thereby improving the quality of the product or service that you provide to your customers. Keep Customers Improved quality, less errors and greater efficiency will make your Customers happy and more loyal, but there’s still a need for a good Contact Relationship Manager to ensure all Customers are contacted regularly and followed up in a timely manner. Win New Customers All businesses should be trying to grow and usually that means new Customers. There are many options here; Advertising, Promotions, Sponsorship, Networking etc. Good systems can track the results of your campaigns and help analyse the return on investment. How did they find us? What is working and what is not? If you don’t track it, you simply just don’t know! Improve Customer Service We all love to be pampered and hate waiting and errors. If you can pick up your game here, you help retain customers and improve loyalty. It is widely quoted that it costs between 5 and 10 times more to gain a New Customer than retain an Existing Customer! Good Systems improve your responsiveness and accuracy so you can better answer Customer questions and increase service levels. Create Jobs With your systems in place and now able to cope with the increase in Sales as well as providing higher Quality Service you will likely need additional Staff to support all the growth. This may need additional systems and processes to help manage their time, with systems such as Scheduling, Job Tracking and Time Capture further helping streamline the Business Processes. Systemise Now! It’s very compelling isn’t it? Contact ProcessIT now to discuss how we can help you systemise your full business or just add a single stand-alone process to your existing systems… - Call me now at: 06 876 0312 or reply to this Post... see http://www.processit.co.nz/blog/2016/03/why-systemise/

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