By: Healing Lands  05-Apr-2012


 - specialising

in construction and

repairs to rural buildings.

Especially where timber

and steel elements

are involved.

Truck work

- preparation for C.O.F.

- chassis and body repairs, maintenance, modification

Plant and Machinery etc 

  -all general engineering involving repairs, maintenance and modification

-construction e.g trailers 

-all types of welding and gas-cutting work

Engineering projects - custom made to order for your business or for round the house and garden 

  -mini mole plough designed for minimal ground disturbance to bury sound equipment cable

                                       garden accessories   


  or an outdoor fireplace for the new entertaining area

1.5 tonne  mini excavator

- the variable tracks feature and zero-swing makes it ideal for work in confined spaces.

- rubber tracks won't damage lawns.

- blade for pushing

- range of buckets:small trenching, rock, digging

- augers suitable for post holes, offal holes etc 


available for daily or weekly hire

  • 90kg plate compactor

  • Hawk - self-propelled cherry picker with 5m reach. I deal for hedge trimming and tree pruning

Other products and services from Healing Lands


Product Ingredients

For the soaps I use a resource available at my back door and not the 'forest destroying' palm kernel oil which is the base oil for many commercially made soaps. Supports tissue healing and repair; supports the natural chemical balance of the skin; softens skin and helps relieve dryness and flaking. A heavy warming oil rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids especially alpha linolenic acid.