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By: Hatch Residential  06-Dec-2011
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The Service we provide.

Hatch Residential provides a unique and new service. Most people have heard of and have some understanding of what is commonly called Project Management. Although we can, are able to and do provide this service, we have discovered the need for what we call Project Assessment.

Most people have the ability to conceive an idea, say a plan, a dream of what they would like to change or do to their home. However not many have the ability to understand the practicality, value or legality of that idea.

It is true to say you can build almost anything you want too if you throw enough money at it but that doesn’t mean it was the sensible thing to do.

We have seen the need over the years to help our clients properly evaluate their ideas and desires because even though it is true to say that the more you plan the better, if you are planning the wrong thing or for the wrong reasons, it is still remains the wrong thing and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Our desire is to help you properly evaluate what you would like to do and why, to help you achieve your desired expectations.

Practical: is your idea practical to build (complicated means expensive), is there a simpler way to achieve the same thing, what other ideas can we consider.

The value: is the idea cost affective, value for money in reflection of the value of your home, the area you live and your future plans.

Legal: can you do what you want without a Building Consent (without a site visit the Council are not able to truly assess this matter), what can you do and not do legally (sometimes all the money in the world doesn’t mean you can build what you want), what are your responsibilities when it comes to liability in the future.

Service packages:

  1. Consult on site to discuss possibilities with the client taking notes: Starts at $225.00
  2. Written report on how to proceed, steps, checks and systems: Starts at $495.00
  3. Full written report and property bag search on state of building, possible areas of repair, possible areas of change, scope of build/renovation possibilities: Starts at $1195.00

NOTE: All prices Exclude GST.

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Keywords: Project Management