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By: Hamilton Trees  06-Dec-2011
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All Hamilton Trees plants are grown in Hico and Lanin cells on above-ground benches to protect against frost and out of reach of any pests. The plants are seeded up during summer and hardened off early autumn and so are ready for planting in late autumn or spring.

A range of mature plants are also available

Additional to the quality plants available Hamilton Trees provides a number of other Specialised services and advice

  • Specialised advice

    Colin can also assist in all your native revegetation planning needs, with highly specialised advice on a range of issues such as:

    • Collecting and growing seed to order.
    •  Plants that are best suited to your property.
    • Suitable species for corridor planting, including appropriate shape, width, and location of the corridor.
    • Choosing the right farm forestry species for your property.
    • Native vegetation permit requirements.
    • How carbon credits can work for you.
    • Assistance with grant applications


  • Available Plants

    Botanical name

    Common Name

    Acacia baileyana

    cootamundra wattle

    Acacia longifolia

    sallow wattle

    Acacia mearnsii

    Black wattle

    Acacia melanoxylon


    Acacia paradoxa

    Hedge wattle

    Acacia pycnantha

    goldern wattle

    Acacia stricta

    Hop wattle

    Acacia retinodes


    Acacia verniciflora


    Acacia verticillata

    prickly moses

    Allocasuarina muelleriana

    Slaty sheoak

    Allocasuarina verticillata

    coastal drooping sheoak

    Bursaria spinosa

    Sweet busaria

    Callistemon  citrinus

    crimson bottlebrush

    Callistemon  pallidus

    lemon bottle brush

    Callistemon  rugulosa

    scarlet bottlebrush

    Callistemon  salignus

    willow bottle brush

    Casuarina cunninghamiana

    river sheoak

    Casuarina glauca

    swamp sheoak

    Corymbia citridora

    lemon scented gum

    Corymbia Maculata

    spotted gum

    Eucalyptus alpina

    Grampians gum

    Eucalyptus aromaphloia

    scented bark

    Eucalyptus baxteri

    brown stringybark

    Eucalyptus cladocalyx

    sugar gum

    Eucalyptus camaldulensis

    river red gum

    Eucalyptus kitsoniana

    bog gum

    Eucalyptus leucoxylon

    yellow gum

    Eucalyptus leucoxylon megalocarpa

    yellow gum

    Eucalyptus melliodora

    yellow box

    Eucalyptus nicholii

    willow leave peperment

    Eucalyptus obliqua


    Eucalyptus occidentalis

    swamp yate

    Eucalyptus ovata

    swamp gum

    Ecu Platypus


    Eucalyptus pauciflora

    snow gum

    Eucalyptus saligna

    sydny blue gum

    Eucalyptus sideroxylon

    reb iron bark

    Eucalyptus sideroxylon  Tri

    reb iron bark

    Eucalyptus viminalis

    manna gum ribbon

    Eucalyptus viminalis cygnetensis

    Rough bark manna gum

    Eucalyptus Willisii

    shining  peperment

    Hakea nodosa

    Yellow hakea

    Hakea salicifolia

    willow hakea

    Hakea suaveolens

    sweet hakea

    Leptospermum Continentale

    prickly tea tree

    Leptospermum lanigerum

    wooly tea tree

    Leptospermum scoparuim


    Leptospermum obovatum

    River tea tree

    Melaleuca  decussata

    cross leave honey myrtle

    Melaleuca  diossmifoloia

    green flowered honey myrtle

    Melaleuca  ericifolia

    swamp paper bark

    Melaleuca  gibbosa

    slender honey mrytle

    Melaleuca  halmaturorum

    salt paper bark

    Melaleuca  lanceolata


    Melaleuca  linariifolia

    snow in summer

    Melaleuca neglecta

    mallee honey myrtle

    Melaleuca  squamea

    swamp honey myrtle

    Melaleuca  squarrosa

    scented paperbark

    Melaleuca  styphelioides

    prickly paper bark

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