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By: Halamoana  06-Dec-2011
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Outstanding Hospitality Achievement

An award for an individual who, over an extended period of time, has shown outstanding commitment to the betterment of Taranaki's hospitality industry. The winner will be a well known personality through their continued involvement in the marketplace and will be respected industry-wide for their dedication and passion for the hospitality industry.

Outstanding Owner Operator

An individual with outstanding charisma. Hardworking and passionate about the industry as a whole. Strives to achieve overall perfection.

Outstanding Barista

Professional and passionate about coffee making. Elevates coffee making to a true art form.

Outstanding Host/Hostess

A team leader who is a devoted member of the style council, demonstrating pace with grace and a totally unflappable nature. This genuine "personality" simply and consistently delivers the very best.

Outstanding Bartender

Superb product knowledge. Amiable and discreet, with a unique personal style. Must possess excellent people skills and be a master at the craft of mixing drinks.

Outstanding Chef

An inspiration in all aspects of cooking and a role model for young aspiring chefs. Creates great food and runs a superb, consistent kitchen.

Emerging Chef

Only awarded once to any individual this person shows the potential to become an outstanding chef. They have great work ethic, attitude and are passionate about cooking.

Outstanding Supplier

Consistent and prompt product delivery. Committed to top quality and innovative products.

Outstanding Sales Representative

Committed to the hospitality industry and who knows who's who. Shows expertise and familiarity with products and always goes the extra mile.

Outstanding Bar

A trendy, fashionable nightspot which offers a great atmosphere with a broad selection of food, drinks and outstanding friendly service. The venue, can, but doesn't have to offer live sport entertainment, however, the whole package must be inviting, safe and warm. The place to be seen.

Outstanding Cafe

The café which offers vibrancy, with personable staff. In tune with current café trends and expectations. The coffee is superb with great food and slick service.

Outstanding Restaurant

This establishment offers a fine menu, service and has a welcoming ambience and style. It has ease of access and
professional well tuned waiting staff. The menu offers fresh, tasty dishes with food-friendly wines.

Outstanding Take-Out Establishment

This establishment has the X Factor. The take away that brings the fans back, time and time again due to the fabulous customer service and excellent food. Their attention to hygiene and efficiency are paramount to having the professional edge.

Outstanding Caterer

An individual or company which provides quality food and beverage menus served by professional staff with consummate decorum. They will heed all the requirements of the event and anticipate every contingency.

Outstanding Waiter/Waitress

An employee who carries out service to you at your table and who has full knowledge of the menu and wine list items. They use initiative, are perceptive, tactful and have a great personality with good sales ability and sound technical skills. Always well groomed and a team player.

Outstanding Ethnic

Specialising in authentic cuisine. It offers an exemplary international dining experience in food, beverage and service.

Outstanding South Taranaki Personality

Reflecting everything positive about the industry this individual epitomises what "hospitality" is all about. The winner of the category is any individual with style, warmth and a friendly demeanour and who makes the hospitality industry what it is in South Taranaki.

Outstanding South Taranaki Establishment

This establishment offers outstanding hospitality within the South Taranaki region, whether it be your best takeaway, bar or café/restaurant, this establishment stands out from the crowd. Ambience, service and product are all reflected in this South Taranaki establishment where it pays to be seen.

Keywords: Hospitality Industry