Gunn Lab

By: Gunn Lab  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Plastic Products, Film Samples

We test plastic products and packaging materials for compliance to specifications.

If you have been offered products from different suppliers, we can test them for comparative performance.


Objective analysis can determine if there are any differences between batches of plastic products or packaging materials supplied to you.

Identification of plastic foreign objects found in foods etc.

Try to avoid excessive creasing, damage or other imperfections, or contamination.

If possible, include the entire width of film samples.

Suggested minimum amount of film sample for most tests is 0.05 m² (say 200 x 250 mm) for each test requested. Preferably, send at least double this amount.

We may be able to work with less than the suggested minimum, but in some cases accuracy may be compromised.

Suggested packing methods for film samples sent by mail or courier: Folded with a flat sheet of rigid cardboard in a large envelope, or rolled loosely inside a cardboard tube.

Minimum sample area 0.5 m².

If possible, sample width should be at least 90 mm.

Minimum sample weight approximately 5 grams.

Try to minimise handling of samples, as finger marks etc. may affect results.

Keywords: Film Samples, Plastic Products