By: Grind4u  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Polished Concrete, Concrete Surface

Grind4U offer a range of polished concrete processed for New Zealand homes and workplaces. The method of concrete polishing you choose will depend on your project requirements. Polished concrete cost can also be affected by the method of installation.


The Hiperfloor/Superfloor method is the true definition of polished concrete. Rather than achieve the polished look from a resin-based sealer, instead the concrete surface is ground with finer and finer diamonds until a high gloss look is achieved. The process mirrors that of a stone bench top being polished. The beauty of the polished concrete is best brought out with this process.


In this polished concrete process, the concrete surface is first ground to reveal the desired level of aggregate (see images on the right). The concrete is then diamond ground again to a much finer standard and a fine and flat surface is revealed. The floor is finished with resin-based protective sealers, enhancing the natural colour of the concrete, and achieving a high-gloss finish.

The Grind & Seal method is especially recommended for commercial and retail flooring.

Keywords: Concrete Surface, Polished Concrete

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Grind4U uses the latest equipment and experienced staff to achieve the most satisfying result by grinding and treating the concrete surface by removing any form of adhesive or coatings, to allow a good bond for the suitable overlayments. Whether you decide to have polished concrete or covered flooring, one of the critical elements for achieving optimum results is the proper preparation of the concrete surface.