By: Greenmachine  05-Apr-2012

Listing is for 20x Large Grade NZ Native Flax & Friends in 1.5l Pot  all with sword shaped leaves, stunning when planted together en mass.  

The pack is made as follows: 

2x Mt Green Flax - Phormium Cookianum - Mature 1.5m

2x Purple Mountain Flax - Phormium Cookianum Purple Form - Mature 1.5m

2x Flax Golden Ray - Strong colour - Medium Grower

2x NZ Giant Iris - Libertia Grandifolia - Golden Colour - Medium Grower

2x Astelia Fragrans - Perching Lily - Mature 1m

2x Flax Tricolour - Stunning Colour - Medium

2x Coloured Cabbage Tree - Cordyline Australis Purple/Bronze Form 

2x South Island Toe Toe (small) - Cortaderia Richard ii (Large Grade)

2x NZ Blueberry - Dianella Nigra (Berries are ornamental) - Medium Grower

2x Astelia Chathamica - Silver Spears - Striking colour and form

If this mixture does not suit swap for any others in the pack, please ask.

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