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By: Greenlink Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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 We have also proven and adapted the growing of a range of New Zealand native plants, exotics and grasses. Our nursery is now producing fully established Flora-Mats for both the commercial and residential markets.

The range of plants that we are able to establish and grow in the Flora-Mat is endless. This also gives our clients the opportunity to customise their own green roof plantings by adding additional plant species alongside the sedum varieties if required. Our expert advice in this area can guide you with alternative plant suggestions and management.

Our complete Flora-Mat green roofing installation solution installs established Sedum Flora-Mats (of mixed sedum varieties) directly onto your roof or covered areas for an instant greening effect. Delivered directly to you from our nursery any time of the year. Installation on roof areas with a pitch up to 20 degrees.

Before installation ensure that the roof surface has being covered with an approved waterproof and root barrier membrane. No irrigation watering system is required for a roof top installation. Hand watering is sufficient if and when needed in extreme dry conditions.

Established Sedum Mats: Flora-Mat greenroof mat measurements are 50cm x 50cm = 4 mats per m².


Greenlink Intensive green roof installations.

Greenlink Solutions is experienced in intensive greenroof installations including establishment of grass seeded and turfed lawn areas on roof tops as part of the landscape design. Intensive greenroofs allow a greater diversity of plants to be grown and recreational spaces to be created.

This option is for the D.I.Y landscaper and home gardener.

Grow in situ: By purchasing the Greenlink Flora-Mat, extensive inorganic growing medium and Sedum plant cuttings or established plants from us directly.

Ensure the roof area has been covered with an approved waterproof and root barrier membrane before placing the Flora-Mat greenroof mat, profile down. Spread and level the growing medium over the mats to a depth of approx 4 cm. Now broadcast the Sedum cuttings on top of the medium and or install your established plants. Water in and keep plant cuttings wet if establishing your Flora-Mat greenroof mats during the Summer months. 60% minimum plant coverage from cuttings can be expected after 12 months.

If you wish to establish other exotic or native plant species onto the Greenlink Flora-Mat greenroof mat you may need to increase the depth of the extensive growing medium and irrigate these plants on a regular basis if required.


We are an Auckland-based company, however the lightweight nature of our fully established mats enables us to freight cost-effectively throughout the country. We offer an installation and maintenance service.

Keywords: Plants

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