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By: Greenkeeper Systems  06-Dec-2011

The Greenkeeper for Home

Do you want to put an extra $100 back in your pocket every year?

The PC is now a cornerstone of daily life in most households, and as consumers we’ve all become pretty impatient. We want to be able to sit down and use our PCs right away, not wait for log ins and passwords or modems to connect and start working.. So to get around all of that annoying stuff most of us just don’t switch off our PCs when we head off for work or go to bed at night.

But if that sounds like you don’t worry you’re not alone!  Research shows that the majority of users don’t switch their computer off because it simply takes too long to boot up again in the morning, so the first issue we address in our home user version is our Wake Up system.

When you’ve done your stuff and gone to work we’ll start checking you’re not using the PC anymore and close down for the day.

Evening rolls around and you’re heading home, so we start you up again, and maybe in the evenings you do different things - but that’s OK, just set the applications and pages you want open and The Greenkeeper™ does the rest. We can wake you up in the morning with our alarm clock, or even remind you that it’s Auntie Flo’s birthday tomorrow.  All in all we make sure you are getting the most productive time from your PC, but we take the load of the grid and stop your PC using power when it doesn’t need to.

Our calendar function allows you to set your profile for weekdays and weekends, program in your holidays and set preference on how much power you want to save.

The Greenkeeper™ won’t ever switch down your PC if you’re working at it, but once we know you have left your machine for the day or night, we will move to your choice of power saving settings.

In addition having your PC powered down when you’re not working at it helps protect you from unwanted hackers, and will reduce your personal carbon emissions by over 120kg per annum - that’s the same effect as driving a V8 from Auckland to Wellington, or recycling 1250 wine bottles!

Finally, The Greenkeeper’s Green Tips gives you handy hints on other ways to save money, save power and save the planet.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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Greenkeeper Systems | FAQ

Both installation packages support command-line options for all settings, meaning they can be used in unattended installations and can be deployed using any software deployment system that supports MSI. The Greenkeeper™ works with the Windows 7 power schemes to provide additional features, such as selection of the active power scheme depending on whether the computer is in use or not.


Greenkeeper Systems | Enterprise Edition

The Greenkeeper™ provides unlimited reporting options which clearly show the savings that the application is making on a daily basis both in carbon and local currency achieving an annual ROI in as little as 5 weeks in some environments. The Greenkeeper™ is a power management application designed to make sure your users computers are available and ready to go when they are needed, but aren’t wasting power when they not.