Greenkeeper Systems | Enterprise Edition

By: Greenkeeper Systems  06-Dec-2011

Enterprise Edition

The Greenkeeper™   is a power management application designed to make sure your users computers are available and ready to go when they are needed, but aren’t wasting power when they not.

Sustainability has become more and more topical in recent years, however in many organisations IT policy requires that PCs be logged out but not shut down outside business hours. In other organisations with less rigid IT requirements research shows  voluntary compliance with ‘Switch Off Policies’ varies between 5% and 27%.

The Greenkeeper™   provides a solution which satisfies the user, IT and management providing tangible benefits and savings for all.

The application will understand your user’s habits, working hours, annual leave and public holidays. It understands individual and group work flow making sure each PC is powered down only when the time is right.

Each computer will automatically power up at the start of the day so users are ready to work the moment they get to work. At the end of the day the application will apply a group of pre defined rules which decide if it’s OK to turn each computer off again.

If at any time a user is in the office out of normal business hours they can over-ride the system and simply switch the computer on.


The Greenkeeper™   provides unlimited reporting options which clearly show the savings that the application is making on a daily basis both in carbon and local currency achieving an annual ROI in as little as 5 weeks in some environments.


The Greenkeeper™   has many additional benefits; for example it can show which user has logged into each workstation at any time on any day. This can be an invaluable audit tool in the corporate environment. 


Our research shows that 39% of corporate PC users who have had an experience with a power management application have asked for it to be removed. The Greenkeeper™   has been built with this in mind, starting with our User Driven Customisable Calendars. This unique function allows users to pre program their own individual work pattern to optimise savings and increase application acceptance.  Options are available to customise the profile on weekdays, weekends, annual leave and out of office days.

The Greenkeeper™   protects unsaved data prior to power down, has an exhaustive function to build critical application rules, and has a variety of settings to allow seamless access for those users needing remote access.  The User Interface also includes Wake on LAN Diagnostics.


In today’s evolving workplace remote access can be a vital part of any executive’s work regime. The Greenkeeper™   offers a number of alternate options to allow external user access with no compromise to overall network security. 


The Greenkeeper™   is fully customisable with branding and corporate messages through the Tip of the Day Function. Fast enterprise reporting on power consumption and savings, and indicators for further improvement is available at the push of a button giving true quantifiable results from the day of installation. Individual desktop and group reporting will show the reduction in bottom line energy costs and CO2 emissions over any given period.


The systems administrator retains ultimate control over the desktop power state. From a single console all PCs in the organisation can be controlled and managed. Integrated Scheduled Tasks functionality allows the Administrator to schedule maintenance, up-grades and patches across all PCs, rather than those just left on by the user. Options to standby, shutdown, hibernate or restart desktops come from a centralised administrator, and of course the system has been designed for easy setup and configuration with a built in Test Mode for ease of implementation.


The Management Console drives the rules and contains the business intelligence that The Greenkeeper™   gathers.  From this single point groups are formed, business rules are created, calendars are managed and reports created.


Once configured The Greenkeeper™   is a ‘no touch’ application, however 24x7 technical support is available through our New Zealand development centre, and our global network of resellers and partners.

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Greenkeeper Systems | Home Edition

Evening rolls around and you’re heading home, so we start you up again, and maybe in the evenings you do different things - but that’s OK, just set the applications and pages you want open and The Greenkeeper™ does the rest. Research shows that the majority of users don’t switch their computer off because it simply takes too long to boot up again in the morning, so the first issue we address in our home user version is our Wake Up system.


Greenkeeper Systems | FAQ

Both installation packages support command-line options for all settings, meaning they can be used in unattended installations and can be deployed using any software deployment system that supports MSI. The Greenkeeper™ works with the Windows 7 power schemes to provide additional features, such as selection of the active power scheme depending on whether the computer is in use or not.