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By: Greeneem  06-Dec-2011
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To the Nursery's and Allied Industries,

Professional Hydroponics, NZ P / L would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you an exiting new & unique product! 'GreeNeem Coir'

'GreeNeem COIR' is made from RENEWABLE coconut husk and powdered Neem seed cake. GreeNeem cake is produced from the Neem tree seed, which is an indigenous tree to India. Neem compounds have proven worldwide to be the best natural organic, & Eco friendly pest repellents available, safe to the environment, birds, bees, butterflies, humans, and all warm blooded animals

Why 'GreeNeem COIR'

GreeNeem Coir eliminates or reduces the need to use harmful pesticide sprays
GreeNeem Coir has its own systemic pesticide, which affects over 600 insects
GreeNeem Coir contains a slow release, Natural Organic Fertiliser (GreeNeem cake)
GreeNeem Coir has remarkable powers of porosity
GreeNeem Coir has remarkable water retention values
GreeNeem Coir reduces watering schedules by up to (65%)
GreeNeem Coir fibre is pH neutral (6 - 7), and has a natural low CF value
GreeNeem Coir is rapidly renewable and yet very slow to breakdown (Eco Friendly)

Please note; GreeNeem Coir has a sponge like structure, and is not to be confused with peat, which breaks down to quickly, compacts when wet and takes many centuries to form out of organic waste.

'GreeNeem COIR' is purchased in a wrapped 5-kg compressed block (Each equating to approximately 55 litres when fully expanded in 35 ltrs of water)

Eg- 20 x 5 Kg GreeNeem Blocks = 1 M ³/ 1000 LTR

These are just a few benefits & advantages of GreeNeem Cake, when combined with GreeNeem Coir which makes it the wise grower's choice for a
Naturally Organic & Eco Friendly plant medium!

Save on plant replacements, and replanting labour costs!

We feel confident that GreeNeem Coir will set the standard for coir mediums through out New Zealand. This product is perfect for all Nursery, Commercial and Domestic growers, in all planting applications.

We invite you to stock or request a sample of 'GreeNeem Coir' for your perusal and become a member of our preferred stockist's list.

If you would like to know more details on 'GreeNeem COIR' please call: -

AKL - Ph 09 622 3350 / WLGTN - Ph 04 387 8336

'GreeNeem COIR' - Additional Information

GreeNeem Coir contains 6 % GreeNeem cake

GreeNeem Coir is tested to be free from Salmonella & E-Coli

GreeNeem Coir acidity is neutral, pH 6 - 7

GreeNeem Coir's high lignin content results in very slow decomposition and is ideal as a long life soil conditioner

GreeNeem Coir promotes VIGOUR, COLOUR & HEALTH in your favorite plants

GENERAL USAGE: Our unique combination of both these products forms a Natural Organic & ECO Friendly media ideal for most types of cultivation.

SOIL CONDITIONER, For sandy or heavy soil add 5-7 litres of GreeNeem coir per sq. Metre and mix in well

GENERAL COMPOST, Use one part GreeNeem Coir to one part sand & two parts garden compost or loam to make a general use compost. Adjust proportions to your personal requirements.

PLANTING SHRUBS Add 2 -3 litres of GreeNeem Coir to planting pit at time of planting. Water in well.

HANGING BASKETS Excellent long-life water retention reduces drying out in summer months. Remember with hanging pot plants it is wise to water lightly and more often. This is due to many hanging pot designs being unable to sustain water during irrigation

HEALTHY, GREEN LAWN Scatter GreeNeem Coir o the lawn before a rain shower & lightly rake into the grass. The water retaining GreeNeem Coir keeps surface roots moist to create a healthy, green, drought resistant lawn

GARDEN ANNUALS Dig a handful of GreeNeem Coir around the roots of annuals - when planting out, double the amount for perennials. The compost retains moisture in summer conditions; slowly releases fertilizer and protects against many insect pests

VEGETABLES For lettuces and similar short life vegetables follow the instructions for annuals. For larger, long life vegetables, increase the amounts. GreeNeem Coir is widely used in Gro-bags

NOTE: In most cases there is no need to spray plants with harmful pesticides. GreeNeem Coir has its own systemic pesticide. Not only does in repel certain types of insects but it affects the insects reproductive system.

HOW TO PREPARE: GreeNeem COIR - Add approximately 35 liters of water per 5 kg compressed Block to produce a minimum 50 - 55 liters of compost (Will make up to 65 Liters, dependent on required texture)

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