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By: GreenButton  06-Dec-2011

How we can help you move your desktop software to the cloud?

GreenButton for the Enterprise is about leveraging our same award winning public cloud platform and optimizing that for the demands of the Enterprise environment.

We allow you take control of your private or public clouds without an expensive, bespoke server technology or cloud lock in.

GreenButton Server offers benefits today while providing you with flexibility in the future.

Benefits for business

  • Cloud optimisation. GreenButton Server is installed on-premise to manage scheduling and queuing for enterprise business workloads across private, hybrid and public clouds.
  • Control workloads and costs. Manage Burst policy and only send jobs/data approved to be on the public cloud, based on utilization of existing private cloud infrastructure i.e. only burst when on-premise resource is at capacity. Match the job to a cloud that has the right SLA at the best price.
  • Reduce capital investment. Dial up enterprise public cloud usage over time and only refresh essential internal hardware assets.
  • Avoid cloud lock in. Configure the server to access and manage workloads on multiple cloud platforms (Microsoft, Linux-based, OpenStack)

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Solutions - Solutions

It's about the managed transition from the desktop or offline world to the online world but ensuring that both the software vendors and software user gain cloud benefits simply and easily. The GreenButton value proposition is about providing an end-to-end solution for the cloud market.


Software Vendors

Our technology has evolved from solving complex issues that most people aren't even aware of, which puts GreenButton at the forefront of cloud enablement for software vendors. Our consultative approach combined with our leading edge technology will ensure that your cloud journey delivers results to both your business, and your customers.


Solutions - Developers

The application services we have created include features such as Security, Online Billing, Dynamic Queuing of Jobs, Online Storage and Asset Management, Automatic Provisioning of Hardware Resources and so on. Having these services already available means that you can focus on your application and business while we focus on managing the end-to-end processing and performance.


Solutions - EndUsers

We cleverly manage all the licenses required to legally operate many thousands of computers meaning that we are one of the very few providers who can truly scale to deliver stellar performance across a wide range of applications. We manage all the aspects of processing, licensing, billing so all you have to do is select how fast you want it, and how much you want to pay.



For those software vendors that are tight on time and resources, you may decide to engage with GreenButton on a fully managed service, whereas those who have everything they need to cloud-enable their application may opt for the simple SDK build option - it's your choice.



We begin every engagement with a detailed feasibility study to outline the plan, so that you absolutely know how to move forward, what financial, technical and business input is required, and ultimately give you confidence in transitioning your existing application to the cloud. Our interactive 7 step process considers both the technical suitability, as well as the go-to-market suitability, to ensure that the end-to-end solution is a success.