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By: Greek Olive Oil  06-Dec-2011
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U ltra Premium Extra Virgin olive oil

Winner 2010 superior taste award Brussels
The cultivation of olive tree and the production of extra virgin olive oil is part of the Cretan culture since 4000 B.C. In KNOSSOS, the ancient capital of that culture, olive oil was precious due to its use for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes. Homer himself called it “liquid gold”. Nowadays it is well known that the ideal soil and climate conditions of Crete yield this fruity, well-balanced and rich in taste olive oil, considered possibly the best in the world. We offer you the best Cretan olive oil, chosen by our panel of specialist connoisseurs.

Keywords: Extra Virgin Olive, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil

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It is rich in flavour, fruitiness and combines harmoniously bitter and pungent, sustaining an antioxidant action for the human body.You may find it in a modern packaging format that protects olive oil from UV rays and sustains all its characteristics unaltered for a long time until its consumption. The “gourmet” Taste of Crete.


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The Organic Extra virgin olive oil KNOSSOS BIO is produced from dry-land olive groves irrigated only through natural rainfall, and are cultivated according to the strict standards of organic farming and the EU Reg. The final product is analysed and certified by the Organisation for Certification of organic products DIO ensuring maximum food safety for your diet.


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Famous for the health and longevity that it boosts, the purity, the splendid aroma and distinct flavour of fresh mature Koroneiki olives cultivated in the fertile plains of central Crete, KNOSSOS has justifiably established itself as the flagship of our products.